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Wartale Full Client
6.7 GB

Choose one link to download from:

Link #1  |  Link #2

Link #1  |  Link #2


Need only the Launcher? Download it here!


How to setup Wartale:

  1. Open the downloaded file with an unpacker such as WinRAR;
  2. Extract into any folder that you desire;
  3. Run the Launcher!


How to create a Game Account:

  1. Go to the Game Account Panel here on the website;
  2. Click on Register Account then follow the instructions from there.


Computer requirements:

  • Windows 7 SP1/8/10/11. (32 or 64 bit)
  • 10 GB disk space available to use.
  • 2 GB ram memory, more is better.
  • Video Card that supports DirectX 9 and Shader Model 3.0.
  • Good Internet Connection (1 Mbit/s in PvE, 5 Mbit/s in PvP).
  • Note: These requirements are easily met on any modern computer and decent internet connection!


Optional: Are you seeing graphical glitches?

  • Then make sure you have the latest (graphics) drivers for the hardware in your computer.
  • Choose the brand you need to download drivers from based on the hardware in your computer/laptop:
  • Note: If you're not seeing any graphical glitches, then you don't need to do this!


Optional: Do you have a high ping or are you experiencing lag when there are a lot of monsters or players around you?

  • Sometimes this can be caused by temporary disruptions with internet cables or internet provider network routing issues.
  • If that's not it, you may want to try ExitLag. A product designed for gamers to improve their internet connection to games.
  • Or try a VPN service. A VPN will route your internet connection through another country.
  • Some players have confirmed that it can help reduce lag!
  • Choose from one of these well-known VPN's:
  • Select a country in Europe!
  • Success!?
  • Note: If you don't have any lag in-game in any situation, then you do not need this!
  • Note: We are not affiliated with these companies and their products. We can't guarantee that their products will improve your internet connection to Wartale.
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