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  • Glamorous Brush


    Glamorous Brush System


    Felt bad that you couldn't wear lower level items because of their stats but you really like how they look? Now you can without losing stats!! Turn any normal Armor, Robe, Weapon or Shield into a Costume or Skin and you can equip them over your items to make your look be anything you want!


    There are two brushes. Glamorous Attire Glaze, for Armor and Robes, and Glamorous Armament Varnish, for Weapons and Shields!



      Glamorous Attire Glaze.

          Turn a normal Armor or Robe into a Costume.


      Glamorous Armament Varnish.

          Turn a normal Weapon or Shield into a Skin.



    Here's some things you need to know:

    • The process cannot be undone, so be thoughtful when doing it on items you value.
    • The item stats of the item are lost when glamorizing it, except integrity.
    • Integrity is taken from the original item, but with a minimum of 200.
    • The item requirements of the item are lost when glamorizing, except the level requirement.
    • The Mixing Formula or Aging Level of the item is retained.
    • Both brushes are available in Coin Shop, Hell's Gate rewards and at Bellatra SoD Ahin shop.
    • Glamorized Items can be Aged or Mixed. The Aging process can't fail for glamorized items as usual items do.
    • The weight of a glamorized item is reduced by 75%.
    • The gold value of a glamorized item is reduced by 50%. This affects prices in Aging and Mixing for example.



    Here's how it works:

    • Right click the brush;
    • Aim the item you want to glamorize;
    • Left click on it;
    • Confirm you want to glamorize;
    • Done!



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