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    Game Dictionary

    Abbreviation Definition
    AS Archer Spec.
    ATA Atalanta Spec.
    a/w "auto-win" : the maximum offer a seller is accepting. when someone makes this offer he wins the sale automatically and bidding ends.
    B> Buying.
    BC acronym : "bless castle". PVP map. See guide.
    brb be right back
    char abbreviation : character
    crys Monster crystal (see guide)
    c/o "current offer" : the current highest offer accepted by a seller. any new offer must be higher than this.
    DC Disconnection (from the game).
    EP Elite Point. Special skill point to be used for tier 4 only.
    FS Fighter Spec.
    Full Generally used to answer a "Party?".
    Note that this can mean that the party is full (already with 6 characters, even if one of them is elsewhere), or they're saving a spot for someone (that was disconnected or is still to come/login), or there's enough characters to deal with the current flow of monsters (eg: 2 or 3 players is enough in a small spawn).
    Geming mixing.
    GZ Congratulations
    HP health point
    HS Hell spawn : a very fast spawn where alot of monsters appear.
    KS 1. Kill steal. Act of killing a monster which is currently being handled by another character/party, either by being already attacked, attacking someone else or simply is in an area handled by another character/party.
    2. Knight Spec.
    Kser Kill stealer. Someone who KSes.
    loot stealing other people's drops
    lure/pull action of bringing a monster or a group of monsters to another place.
    lvl abbreviation : level
    m/b "minimum bid" : the minimum offer the seller is accepting
    MGS Magician Spec.
    MP mana point
    MS Mechanician Spec.
    NPC "Non Playing Character". See guide.
    NS No Spec.
    P> Used to ask for a party in tradechat.
    Pt abbreviation : party
    Party? Used by someone asking if he/she can joins the party.
    Pot Potion.
    PRS Priestess Spec.
    PS Pikeman Spec.
    Rec / Regen quantity of mana/stamina/health points restored per second. Example : "3 mp rec" means 3 mana points restored every second.
    Relog re-logging : restarting the game
    Repot Restock potion supply, usually said when someone has to go back to a potion store and buy more potions.
    Report When a player breaks a rule, you can report him in the report section of the forum.
    RP Realm Point. Special skill point to be used for tier 5 only.
    S> Selling.
    sod acronym : "survive or die" (old name for Bellatra)
    Solo Said of someone who's in no party and generally wants to stay like that.
    Spawn An area where monsters appear continuously.
    SP 1. Skill point (used for tiers 1 to 3).
    2. Stamina point.
    ss abbreviation : screenshot
    STM stamina point
    T> Trading (an item for another item).
    Temp / Temp slot a temporary party slot that is attributed to a player while waiting for someone to arrive or to come back. When the person arrives, the temporary party member leaves the party. Mostly used in difficult, large spawns, where a full party is generally needed.
    tnl Till next level. As in "100k tnl" (100.000 experience points till next level).
    WH Warehouse. Or the area around a Warehouse Keeper.
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