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    4_bellatra_flag.pngAbout Bellatra:
    Bellatra is a team survival game that takes places in the north of Navisko Town.
    It starts in the beginning of each game-day.
    The Entrance Fee to enter a room is determined by the following formula: Entrance Fee = Character Level * 2500.
    Up to 10 players can enter in each of the 4 different rooms.
    In those rooms, monsters will spawn in waves, in 8 successive rounds, and it gets more difficult round after round.
    The score of each of the 4 rooms is displayed on the top right of the screen. Your team is highlighted. On the middle is your personal score.
    At the end of round 3, only the 2 rooms with the highest score will be allowed to continue to round 4. The other 2 teams will be teleported to Navisko Town.
    At the end of round 6, only the best of the 2 remaining teams will be allowed to go to round 7. The other team will be teleported to Navisko Town.
    At the end of round 7, if at least one member of the team has a score of 500.000, it will unlock the round 8.

    The Monsters:
    See all the monsters which you can meet in Bellatra. Click on a monster's name to view detailed information about the selected monster.

    Round # Monsters: Bosses:
    Round 1 Web, Hungky, MummyIllusion Knight Horropion
    Round 2 Great Greven, Mummy Lord, Strider and Lizard Folk Ungula
    Round 3 Vampiric Machine, Avelisk Archer, Sadness and Iron Fist King Runic
    Round 4 Reptile King, Saint Turtle, Gorg and Ghost Ship Sazha
    Round 5 Lunatic, Berserker, Zombie Hulk and Ratu Gladiator
    Round 6 Cyclops Warrior, Incubus Summoner, Blizzard Giant and Devil Bird Ice Queen
    Round 7 Goblin Shaman, Hest, Sprin and Kakoa Phantom Fury
    Round 8 Undead Maple, Xetan, Hound and Nihil Vybrissa

    The Seals:
    During the game, "seals" will appear on the floor. They have various effects and functions:

    4_bag.png 5K Bag : adds 5000 to the room's score.
    4_rabie.png Rabie Seal : spawns a Mutant Rabie boss in the middle, and transforms some of the monsters into Rabie.
    4_quake.png Quake seal : damages all monsters by 30%.
    4_freeze.png Freeze seal : freezes all monsters.
    4_stun.png Stun seal : Stuns all monsters.
    4_gs.png Guardian Saint : Summons a Guardian Saint to help you. His kills will not count in the score.
    4_stygian.png Stygian seal : Summons a Stygian to help you. His kills will not count in the score.

    The Bellato Stones:
    On Wartale there are 3 different stones that can make you not lose EXP in case you die inside Bellatra.
    Those stones can be found from some monsters, or bought from Stone Collector in Atlantis Town.
    They are easy to use : all you have to do is to have one with you when you go to Bellatra.
    If you die, the stone will disappear, and your EXP will not go down.

    Image: Name: Level:
    Silver Bellatra Stone 0-99
    Emerald Bellatra Stone 100-119
    Gold Bellato Stone 120+

    Clan Bellatra Contest:
    Clans can battle for Bellatra ownership by achieving the top Bellatra clan score.
    The top 1 clan earns tax income from other Bellatra users.

    Bellatra is located in the north of Navisko Town.

    Clans can attempt to capture Bellatra by joining a room with atleast 3 clan members, at the end of the round, if there are 3 surviving clan members, their points are accumulated and if it beats the top Bellatra clan score of that moment, their clan gets immediate ownership of Bellatra.

    Additionally, the top 3 clans of Bellatra get buff bonuses:

    First Clan : Golden Crown

    Second Clan : Silver Crown

    Third Clan : Bronze Crown


    Personal Bellatra Contest:
    Just like clans, players can battle for the Top of Bellatra and receive a nice prize!
    The Top 3 of each Class receive a prize at the end of the month, when the scores are automatically reset!

    The prizes for each Class are as follows:

    • 1st. 3 Oredo Force + 3 Purple Skill Training Crystal
    • 2nd. 2 Bellum Force + 1 Purple Skill Training Crystal
    • 3rd. 1 Purple Skill Training Crystal

    You can obtain the items at your Item Box, visit the Item Box NPC in Atlantis Town. 


    • Remember taking a lot of potions, some mana, and possibly some Force Orbs - you will need them.
    • In Bellatra, you can use monster crystals and/or summons to help you, but their kills will not count in the score.
    • If you see many players of the same clan in front of a Bellatra NPC, they are probably going for clan score. Please be fair-play and join another room.

    Score Reset:
    Bellatra Clan Scores are automatically reset every week at Wednesday.
    Bellatra Player Scores are automatically reset every first day of the month.

    Monster Souls:
    A Monster Soul is a special item which only can be obtained in Bellatra from the Boss each of each round.
    The stronger the Boss, the higher chances of it dropping a Monster Soul.
    Monsters Souls can be traded into rewards at Ahin. Ahin will appeared when the last round of Bellatra has been completed.
    Ahin will offer you a random item in return for Monster Souls.
    Ahin offers range from Sheltom Forces and other premium stuff to Phantom Armor & Robe.

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