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    18_girl.png Deeni, Trait Specialist
    Deeni is a specialist in traits, she offers many rare stones that will allow you to change your statistics and abilities set any time you want. Furthermore, she does not charge for it, if your character is under level 100! 

    Found in :
    Ricarten Town
    18_disto.png Distorted Forest Guard
    Use this NPC to teleport to the Distorted Forest. He is located in the middle of Phillai, near the prison. 

    Found in :
    Phillai Town
    18_pothopy.png Potion Hopy
    Use this NPC to get your reward from the Distorted Forest event. He is located in the west, near the Warehouse. 

    Found in :
    Ricarten Town
    18_gatewatchthomas.png Gate Watch, Thomas
    Gate Watch, Thomas is overwatching Hell's Gate. Hell's Gate is the ultimate Boss Arena! 

    Found in :
    Cursed Temple 2 (75)
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