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    Ether Cores 4_itec101.jpg 4_itec104.jpg 4_itec102.jpg 4_itec103.jpg 4_itec108.jpg Among all the magical means of transportation, or teleportation, this is the most ancient one. These scrolls are prepared in advance and bound to a specific town. When using them, you will be instantly teleported to your destination. Following is a list of the existing Ether Cores destinations:

    • Ricarten Town
    • Phillai Town
    • Navisko Town
    • Atlantis Town
    • Battle Town (105)

    You can buy these scrolls in Supply Shops Union Core 4_ucore.png This scroll is different from Ether Cores. They are blank. It is used for teleporting to other players. To use it, simple give it to a friend, let him "sign" it by right-clicking on it, and then give it back to you. You will notice that the Union Core now has your friend's name on it. When you use it by right-clicking on it, you will be instantly teleported near him. Note: You can't teleport near him if he is in a map that doesn't match your level. Union Cores can be found from monsters, or purchased from the Supply Shop in Atlantis Town. Teleport Cores 4_itBI108.jpg 4_itec107.gif 4_itec106.gif These scrolls are another variation of the Ether Cores. They have the names of many different places in it, so you can instantly go nearly everywhere with it. To use it, simply do the usual right-click, and a window will appear with a list of maps. Each Teleport has its own distinct list of destinations. Click on a map of your choice to proceed with the teleportation. You can buy those scrolls from Premium Shop in Ricarten TownPhillai TownNavisko TownAtlantis Town, or Battle Town (105). Warp Gates Warp gates are located all over the Continent. They can easily transfer you to different areas with the use of Warp Wings. Warp Wings can be created by the NPC in Ricarten Town called Inventor of Warpgate With the necessary monster crystals and gold needed, you can create your own Wing to travel through the Continent.

      Name Creation Requirements Traveling Cost NPC Price Accessible Areas Required Level
    4_itQW101.gif Metal Wing Hopy Crystal, HobGoblin Crystal, 3,000 Gold 100 Gold 10,000 Gold Bamboo Forest, Land of Dusk none
    4_itQW102.gif Silver Wing Metal Wing, HobGoblin Crystal, Decoy Crystal, 5,000 Gold 200 Gold 30,000 Gold Ruinen Village none
    4_itQW103.gif Gold Wing Silver Wing, Decoy Crystal, Bargon Crystal, 10,000 Gold 500 Gold 50,000 Gold Navisko Town none
    4_itQW104.gif Diamond Wing Gold Wing, Headcutter Crystal, Figon Crystal, 20,000 Gold 1,000 Gold 75,000 Gold Forbidden Land (55) Lvl 55
    4_itQW105.gif Chaos Wing Diamond Wing, Figon Crystal, King Hopy Crystal, 40,000 Gold 2,000 Gold 150,000 Gold Eura Village (90) Lvl 90
    4_itQW106.gif Imperial Wing Chaos Wing, King Hopy Crystal, Hulk Crystal, 80,000 Gold 4,000 Gold 500,000 Gold Lost Island (100) Lvl 100

    Starting with no wing, you can still travel to Phillai Town and Ricarten Town using the Warp Gate. Wings cannot be traded nor dropped. However, they can be sold to NPCs. The better Wing you have, the more you will have to pay to use the Warp Gate. However, using the Warp Gate to Phillai Town or Ricarten Townwill remain free for use. Clever Newter (NPC in Phillai Town) Clever Newter allows you to easily transfer to four different places. Using his way of transferring costs you only gold and can be used anytime. Note that once he teleported you somewhere, you will have to come back by your own means.  

    Map name Near Price
    • Land of Dusk
    at entrance of Beehive Cave (55) 100 Gold
    • Acacia Grove
    at entrance of Mushroom Cave (55) 100 Gold
    • Cursed Land
    at entrance of Dungeon 1 (40) 500 Gold
    • Forbidden Land (55)
    at entrance of Railway of Chaos (80) 1000 Gold
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