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    Q: How do I gain Experience Points (XP)?
    A: You gain XP points by defeating enemies, each enemy you kill will give you a set amount of XP.
    You can also gain XP by completing daily, party or solo quests.

    Q: How do I gain levels?
    A: You gain levels by getting a set amount of XP, when you level up you'll be notified and you can spend serval statistic points and will get 1 skill point each 2 levels after level 10.
    When you grow more powerfull and gain levels, you'll need more and more XP to gain another level.

    Q: How can I gain skill points?
    A: You can gain skill points by leveling.
    You gain skill points for each 2 levels after level 10.

    Q: How do I buy skills?
    A: With skill points you can buy skills from your skill master located in your home town, open the map to find him.
    Each skill will cost 1 skill point and a set amount of gold, elite skills cost elite skill points and a set amount of gold.
    Some skills require you to be a specific level or tier.

    Q: How do I increase in tiers?
    A: You can gain a tier when you are a specific level and have all the skills of your current tier at atleast level 1.
    When you want to get to the next tier go to the skill master and press the "rank up" button.
    Your skill master will give you a quest wich you must complete to rank up.
    These are the requirements for certain tiers.

    Tier 1 - None
    Tier 2 - Level 20, all tier 1 skills.
    Tier 3 - Level 40, all tier 2 skills.
    Tier 4 - Level 60, all tier 3 skills.
    Tier 5 - Level 80, all tier 4 skills.

    Q: How do I get items?
    A: You can buy items either from merchants with gold wich monsters drop, or pick up the items wich monsters drop, note that some items are "spec'd".
    Wich means that a certain class wich uses the item will be more effective with it.

    Q: How can I sell a wing?
    A:Go to a blacksmith NPC, click on the SELL button in the shop menu and move your cursor to the wing you want to sell, then simply click on your wing and then its sold.
    Note: Having more than one wing can cause problems, so its recommended to sell wing(s) if you have more than one.

    Q: I can't upload my clan picture, it's really 32x32 (24bit) .bmp
    A: Make a fresh new .bmp 32x32 (24bit) in paint, save it first, then open your not-working clan icon in paint, aswell as your new one, copy your old clan icon into the new one, then save. Then try upload again with the new icon .bmp

    Q: Help I lost my head, what do I do to get it back?
    A: Buy any hairpotion at an NPC in-game and use it, the gold used to buy this hairpotion is not refunded

    Q: I experience many game crashes, how do I fix this?
    A: Try to download and install the full game again. After that and if it keeps happening at the same spot, please report it to us on the Forums

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