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    The goddess Mythos couldn’t have foreseen that the Children of Nurn would not only rule the land but also the sea… well, that’s a bit of a glorifying way of saying that certain humans are endowed with unparalleled patience, and that they enjoy relaxing while listening to the sound of ocean waves.


    Fishing is subsistence for some and fun for others, but the usefulness that it can bring to the life of a good trader is clear. For instance, they can be used to prepare delicious Foods or to create many other goods, such as Dyes.


    Fishing Experience Points are obtained as you fish. This allows you to equip better equipment tools, learn Fishing skills and increase your chance of getting an extra Shellfish together with a Fish. You can find them in any body of water, in a different disposition according to the night/day habits and biome where they appear.


    To become an Angler, you only need to have a Fishing Rod. A Rod for beginners can be bought at the Gatherer Instructor, Brock's shop in Ruinen Village.




    You will need Worm Bait in order to fish. Worm Bait can be found in the ground while you harvest Plants or by opening a Can of Worms.


    Press right click on the Worm Bait and aim on water to start fishing. You can also place the Worm Baits on your Action Bar (use B shortcut to open your Action Bar) for ease of use.



    oeQJkWH.jpg Worm Bait Attracts Fish to your Rod
    BF3KsK1.jpg King Worm Bait Much greater chance of attracting Fish compared to Worm Bait




    Hotspots are pools with a high concentration of Fishes. Fishing inside Hotspots considerably increases the chance that a Fish will bite.


    You can catch Fishes, Shellfishes or Loot Boxes. If something is nibbling on your Worm Bait or touches your Hook, you must quickly press Space Bar to hook it on, or whatever is there will get away and is lost. If it's not a Fish, you'll get it immediately. If it's a Fish, you will need to fight it to bring it to dry land. Control the Tension on your line to not let the Fish escape!




    Hold Space Bar to move the Tension to the right. If the Tension hits the left side, it means that the Fish has escaped. If the Tension hits the right side, you've put too much pressure on the line and it snapped. Keep the Tension inside your Hook to speed up fishing by doubling the effectiveness of your Rod’s power. Note that you must keep the Tension inside the Hook as much as you can, because if you don't do that enough the Fish will almost certainly get away.


    On the interface the Fish progresses to the right as you're fighting it. Once it reaches the right side, it means you've got it on dry land and you've successfully caught it! Note however that the Fish will get more aggressive as it gets closer, which can unbalance the tension of your Rod.


    The overall difficulty is affected by the size and rarity of the Fish you've got on your Hook.



    Legendary Fish

    You can find legendary creatures described in several ancient legends in each type of biome. Be careful, it won’t be an easy battle!

    A Legendary Fish may be hard to find, but they're more often seen in Hotspots. Unlike any other types of Fish, they won’t bite anything other than a King Worm Bait.



    Fishing in a Group

    Team up with your friends to fish and get extra Fishing Experience Points and find a Fish faster, as long as the party members are also fishing close to you.





    The Fishing Rod is the tool of choice for Anglers, it must be equipped in the Gatherer window (button on HUD or use G shortcut). Integrity reduces whenever you catch something. The tool can be repaired by a Blacksmith or using a Repair Kit.




    The only way to obtain stronger Rods is to craft them through Smithery Master, Salon in Ricarten Town. A weaker Rod, other crafting materials and Gold is required to upgrade it.



      Name Stats
    a4lJ0cu.jpg Bamboo Rod

    Power: 2(3) - 3(4)

    Hook size: 9 - 10

    Range: 300 - 350

    Integrity: 80 - 85

    Req. Level: 25

    Spec Extra Shellfish: 1 - 2

    jYJOOkE.jpg Angler Rod

    Power: 3(4) - 4(6)

    Hook size: 10 - 11

    Range: 350 - 400

    Integrity: 85 - 90

    Req. Level: 90

    Req. Fishing Lv.: 4

    Spec Extra Shellfish: 2 - 3

    3rSes8u.jpg Bathyal Rod

    Power: 4(6) - 6(8)

    Hook size: 11 - 12

    Range: 450 - 500

    Integrity: 90 - 95

    Req. Level: 110

    Req. Fishing Lv.: 7

    Spec Extra Shellfish: 3 - 5

    tYg0gUU.jpg Nechropy Rod

    Power: 6(7) - 8(10)

    Hook size: 12 - 14

    Range: 550 - 600

    Integrity: 95 - 100

    Req. Level: 120

    Req. Fishing Lv.: 10

    Spec Extra Shellfish: 4 - 6

    Note: Tools can be Respeced. See the Respec Guide.





    As you evolve your Fishing proficiency, skills are automatically learned and improved on level up.


    59Pl0if.jpg Sea Mastery

    Permanently increases your chance of finding Shellfish while fishing.

    Required Fishing Level: 1


    Level Extra Shellfish
    1 2%
    2 4%
    3 6%
    4 7%  
    5 8%  
    6 9%  
    7 10%  
    8 11%  
    9 12%  
    10 13%  


    WK00pvI.jpg Build Cooking Pot

    Set up a Cooking Pot to cook Foods.

    Required Fishing Level: 8

    Required Unlock Item: Cooking Pot (craft at Smithery Master, Salon)


    Duration (sec) Cooldown (sec)
    300 3600



    Fishing Scoreboard


    Track your Personal Best or register your Fish to compete with other players in the biweekly Fishing Season Competition for Gold Prizes!




    The Scoreboard can be found in many places on the continent, it is usually close to beaches or near excellent Fishing spots. On the Scoreboard, you can hover each Fish to see your Personal Best and the amount you've caught so far.


    Register your fresh Fish to enter the biweekly competition by delivering it to the Fishing Scoreboard after paying a certain amount of Gold. Only fresh Fish caught within 4 hours can join the competition and it is not possible to register a Fish which was caught by other players. You also have a chance of receiving a King Worm Bait every time you register a Fish.




    The Fishing Scoreboard shows for each Fish the currently best graded Fish that was registered by someone and the amount of Gold that this Player stands to win for it. The scoreboard refreshes every 24 hours. The amount of Fish registered and other factors define the value of Gold Prize, which changes every time the scoreboard refreshes. You can see the time left till the next refresh by hovering the clock icon on the bottom right side of the scoreboard.




    At the end of the Fishing Season, for each Fish the player who has registered the best grade Fish will receive the Gold Prize! Then, the scoreboard will be cleared and a new Fishing Season begins.





    Cook Fish in Cooking Pots to prepare delicious Food dishes that provide temporary buffs.




    The Cooking Pot can be rented for a certain amount of gold for 24 hours (real time). During this period, the use is unlimited until the end of the contract. After that, the Pot will need to be rented again. At level 8, you can craft your own Cooking Pot without the need to rent it, building it anywhere using the Build Cooking Pot skill.


    Most cooked Food provides a small amount of Fishing Experience as you make it.


    Note: Inquire the Cooking Guide for more information.





    At a Grinding Table, you can extract Fish Oil from Fish or Shellfish in order to capture their natural pigment. Fish Oil is useful because it is required in some Crafting Recipe's.




    Just like the Cooking Pot, the Grinding Table also needs to be rented. See Herbalism Guide for more information.


      Name Raw Material
    1Lvr89A.jpg Fish Oil 23x Shrimp
        23x Crab
        23x Vampire Squid
        23x Aurorae Snail
        23x Green Algae
        19x Lemodine
        17x Claretfish
        15x Abysscarp
        8x Nurn Eater
        7x Cactusfish
        6x Golden Hermit
        5x Midnightfish
        2x Spectrum
        2x Crescentail
        2x Fairyfin
        2x Tlanusi


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