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    Aging Aging: A method invented by Arcane Moriph to enhance the statistics of items.
    Ancients: The ancient civilization, is how it's called the humans who lived between the Second War of Gods and Wrath of Tempritos, possessed superior intellectual and mechanical knowledge.
    Ancient Weapon: Weapon first designed by the Nurns able to absorb the power of Gods.

    Almaran: Tribe that inhabits the desert region of the continent.The almarans went through several tribulations, and many were cursed by the Anduhal clan.

    Highgarden: Dimension where the gods supposedly recover from their wounds after the Second God's War.



    Bellatra: It is championship organized by the Great kingdom to train and test the adventurers for a war. The creation of Bellatra happened in the Babel invasion that led several monsters towards the desert, many warriors began to visit the city of Navisko. In some sort of pilgrimage. The Arcadia clan requested that the council to isolate the Monsters in a tower, a bell tower.



    Draxos:  A race created between sopphetio and pagons, they formed the front line of Igolation army during the second God's war.



    Efria: Name of the planet where the continent of Wartale is located.
    Ether: Particle capable of controlling space, was discovered from Fusion.



    Fusion: Name given when the union of Tempskron technology coupled with Morion magic are brought together to accomplish an objective.



    1st God's War: God's First War, where Midranda confronted Tempritos and was defeated
    2nd God's War: Second War of the Gods, this time, midranda had an army and also a weapon capable of siphoning the powers of Tempritos, ends up losing and is sealed inside the Enigma.
    Glyphs: Coded magic symbols, an of ancient language used by the gods, capable of siphoning magical powers is widely used in divine spells and teleportation centers.
    Great Council: Originated through the union of Royal Wise and Neo Age, was instrumental in the creation of Fusion and in the recovery of the plague. Today is the right hand of the Great Kingdom.
    Great Kingdom: Political and economical union of the most influential Tribes of the continent.



    Igolanos: name adopted by Midranda when he denied his status as god and rebelled against the other gods.

    Igolation: Named the religion that follows Midranda, they seek means of bringing their God back from the Netherworld.
    Imperial Guard: The royal infantry of the Great Kingdom kingdom, some receive special training for combat, adventures from all continents can enlist to become an Imperial Soldier.



    Mixing: A crafting method to enhance the statistics of items.

    Morion:  Morions reside in the northern part of the continent and worship the god Awell. They are obedient and live very religious lives. Due to this, spiritual cultures were developed.



    Neo Age: It was a Tempskron-based organization where engineers focused on understanding and changing technology and mechanics on the continent.

    Neo-Efrian: Language commonly spoken throughout Efria, uses characters from ancient languages as a reference.

    Nurns: Name given to the first humans created by Mythos on Etherborne.

    Netherworld: black dimension where the enigma is found.




    Phillai Clergy:  Influential jurisdiction that regulates the learning of priests in Phillai, is led by the Archbishop Gestravoz.

    Pagon: Created by Midranda as a weapon for the Second God`s war. They are demonic and improved versions of humans, few pagons were created for war and there are no reports of any more of them.



    Royal Mage: An organization formed by magicians and academics of magic using the structure of the old Royal Wise, they hold much of the history of the continent and collect various artifacts.



    Sheltom: They are formed from ores with magical powers, these minerals have undergone alteration with the amount of magic expelled during Wrath of Tempritos. From the discovery of the shelltons the magical power began to be controlled by the technology and alchemy.

    Sopphetio: Created by Midranda as servant race using Nurn genetic, they are very similar to humans, despite its lower physical potential. Sopphetios gets rid of the slavery of Igolanos to create their own culture and fight against its creator.



    Temspkrons: Known for their craftsmanship that led to their success as merchants, they reside in the southern part of Efria. Tempskrons also have extraordinary physical strength and combative characteristics

    Tempskron Kingdom: One of the most extensive kingdoms responsible for having a large part of the continent in his hands.

    Thaion: Ancient civilization known for its technological advancement.



    Warpgate: Made through Ether particles, it is able to control space and take one matter from one mechanical station to one to the another.

    Wise Conclave: Conclave that brings together representatives from each section of the Morion community, together with the Clergy and Royal Mage. they are responsible for commanding the Morion lands and dividing the resources equally.

    Wyzen: Ancient civilization known for its spiritual advancement.

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