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    The Relics were, for many years, under the dominion of the Academy of Royal Mages to keep them safe from evil intentions because of its unstable power.


    Archeologists and Artisans from all over the continent are looking for ways to restore these Relics safely. Some of those who have been successful in their attempts can restore the Relics and use it to receive magic benefits, while unraveling the mysteries of the Ancient civilizations.



    Obtaining Relics

    Each super boss has its own relic with different effects for those who carry it in their Relic Case.




    Three unique pieces need to be collected from each boss: Relic Fragment (A), Relic Fragment (B) and Relic Fragment (C), which can be found after defeating the respective Bosses. Relic Fragments can be traded between players.



    Relic Restoration

    Take the Fragments to the Archeology Master, Vincent in Ruinen Village. The three fragments and other materials must be used to return the Relic to its full glory.




    Relics are old and fragile, Fragments can break during the restoration process, and every attempt can fail... be prepared for the worst!




    If the restoration completed successfully, the Relic will appear in your inventory.





    Registering the Relic

    To possess their magical effects, the Relics must be attached to your Reliquary. You can access the Relic Case from your inventory (V shortcut), below the Boots item slot.




    The Relic Case will display all Relics already registered on you, and will also allow you to add new Relics to it.

    To add a Relic, simply place it in the slot in the Relic Case. Note: once registered, the Relic can not be removed!




    List of Relics

      Name Boss Req. Lv. Effect
    1dC0h3M.png Meteor Whisperer Babel 80

    Damage vs Babel: 10%

    Damage vs Mechanic: 5%

    GAR9qCw.png Corrupted Guardian Sword Dark Guardian 100

    Damage vs Dark Guardian: 10%

    Damage vs Normal: 5%

    PE6vGcB.png Death Knight Helmet Valento 90

    Damage vs Valento: 10%

    Damage vs Undead: 5%

    Lo9h4gB.png Draconic Horn Kelvezu 100

    Damage vs Kelvezu: 10%

    Damage vs Demon: 5%

    aQ6J7JY.png Shadow Cloak Mokova 105

    Damage vs Mokova: 10%

    Damage vs Mutant 5%

    mzWSzWn.png Minotaur Mane Fury 120

    Damage vs Fury: 10%

    Absolute SP Regen: 5

    SP: 82

    KbKLAD6.png Shai's Robe Fallen Angel 124

    Damage vs Fallen Angel: 10%

    MP: 116

    sTVARym.png Tulla's Coat Tulla 128

    Damage vs Tulla: 10%

    HP: 158

    NhYXZLc.png Ancient Hovercraft Greedy 136

    Damage vs Greedy: 10%

    Penetration: 2%

    Block: 1%

    O3SQAz1.png Draxonian Greatsword Draxos 140

    Damage vs Draxos: 10%

    Walking Evade: 4%

    Precision: 5%

    WpusVaH.png Doomglaive Centlon 144

    Damage vs Centlon: 10%

    Critical Resistance: 4%
    Buff Duration: 25%

    WdxdHft.png Rota's Head Uppruni 148

    Damage vs Uppruni: 10%

    Critical Damage: 1%

    Extra Weight: 200
    Buff Duration: 15%


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