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    Gold Drop


    While killing monsters, the gold dropped by monsters is modified based on the level difference between you and the monster. It's only changed if your level is higher than the monster's level. The table below shows how the amount of gold dropped is changed.

    Level difference with Monster Gold Drop Rate
    0 ~ 9 100%
    10 ~ 14 75%
    15 ~ 17 50%
    18 ~ 19 25%
    20+ 0%


    This gold drop rate will not affect the gold drop rate if one of the following is true:

    • You're on Pirate's Revenge party quest and you're in the range of the chest;
    • You're in a Hunt Map;
    • You're in Mystery Forests, which has a different gold drop rate formula: 100% if you have less than 25kk gold in inventory, 50% if you have less than 50kk gold in inventory and 0% if you have 50kk+ gold in inventory.
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