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    Loot Lotto


    Loot Lotto


    The Loot Lotto system is a drop lottery for all Super Bosses from Babel and higher.


    Eligible Players who have been fighting the Boss will have a shot at winning his loot. This is to prevent low latency players from having a significant advantage in normal item looting (where items are dropped on the floor).


    All the loot that the Boss drops will be rolled for one by one. If you want to play to have a chance to win the item, press "Roll" and you will get a number. After 10 seconds, a winning number is randomly chosen and is announced! If two or more players have that number, one of those players wins the item randomly with an equal chance. If you don't want to play for the item, press "Pass".


    Eligible Players are those who meet all the requirements as follows:

    1. In the same map and in range of the Boss at time of its death;
    2. Actively attacking the Boss or boss-fight related enemies or targets, such as Minions;
    3. Met the minimum damage threshold % of total HP of the Boss. The minimum damage threshold % varies per Boss.


    In Dungeon Instances, such as Luminous Cavern, all surviving players are considered Eligible Players automatically.

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