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    18_longbo.png Good boy, Longbo
    Civilian of Ricarten. Every now and then he has a small job for you. 

    Found in :
    Ricarten Town
    18_bookiefrank.png Bookie Frank

    Found in :
    Battle Town (105)
    18_battlemaster.png Battle Master
    Manager of the Battle Arena. Visit him to participate in epic PvP battles. 

    Found in :
    Battle Town (105)
    18_nadia.png Nadia
    A blessed woman with knowledge regarding the Sacred Tree.
    See more here: Sacred Powers 

    Found in :
    Phillai Town
    18_wanderermd3.png Lost Wanderer
    A traveler who is lost between Phillai and Ricarten. 

    Found in :
    Mystery Desert 1 (95)
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