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    Instances are private dungeons that allow a limited group of players to explore the region to obtain very special goodies!

    The map follows a linear design where players must complete challenging tasks to reach the end and complete the instance.





    An instance can be started solo or in a party through an Instance Portal of one of the available Instances. See the list of Instances below.


    All participating players must have the instance-specific entry item in their inventory. As soon as the first member of the group enters, the others must confirm their presence inside the map. 


    • The Entry Item is only consumed once all group members are ready;
    • Every party member must use the Instance Portal to join;
    • If you leave the instance after it has started, you can no longer return;
    • Other players cannot join after the instance has started.






    The first player in the group to enter the instance must select the difficulty. This will define the level and power of enemies.

    Higher difficulties increase the amount of experience gained and loot dropped proportionally.




    To complete the instance, you must complete all challenges and defeat the bosses along the way within the time limit. If you die, you will return to the starting point of the map. Your equipment will also have their integrity reduced.




    When the last boss is defeated, a chest is dropped and can be opened to receive the rewards for the instance!


    Instance List

      Name Entry Item Location Required Level Time Limit
    mc.jpg Mushroom Cave Mushroom Key Acacia Grove 113


    bc.jpg Beehive Cave Beehive Key Land of Dusk 128


    lc.jpg Sunken Domain Eldritch Key Land of Chaos 137


    lc.jpg Luminous Cavern Luminous Key Gallubia Valley 146



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