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    1. Ancient Age

    The first era of the ancient, the date is unknown and no one knows when it started. It ends when the wrath of tempritos is consumed and the human race is almost exctincted.

    1.1 - Genesis

    A divine force gave life to many worlds, and one of them is known as Priston. This energy divided its core to create two other energies: Life and death, time and space.
    The new essential entities are on creation and administration of the new world, between the creations, have more 7 minor entities, and with that will complete all gods of the continent.


    Old Gods

    The first Gods, which gave birth to other gods and the world itself. 

    Midranda The Veil of Darkness Aspect of: The Death and Space

    Tempritos The Holy God Aspect of: The creation, the time


    Lesser Gods

    Secondary gods, created humans and gave them their core virtues

    Awell The Angel of Truth Aspect of : Health and Benevolence ( Goddess of Priestess )

    Skronipe God of War Aspect of : Strenght and Honor ( God of Fighters )

    Mardanos The Divine Whisperer Aspect of : Spirit and loyalty ( God of Magicians)

    Gallantia The Keeper of Forest Aspect of : The Prudence and Honesty ( Goddess of Atalantas )

    Migal The Shining Star Aspect of : Wisdom and Respect ( God of Knights )

    Thales The Judge Aspect of : talent and Righteousness( God of Mechanicians )

    Idas The Transcendent Aspect of : Speed and Courage ( Goddess of Archers)

    Phalanx The Shadow Keeper Aspect of : The Faith and fairness ( God of Pikeman )

    The combination of all lesser god's powers gave birth to the perfect creation; the human race.


    1.2 - Midranda's Jealousy

    The god of death was always feared by the " spawn of the lesser gods", while Tempritos was beloved by them. That created such hatred inside his heart, that all he did was plot and scheme to achieve recognition by the human race. Midranda preached that the creation of the human race was a mistake and wanted Tempritos to destroy them and start anew. However Tempritos was kind and benevolent and always denied that option. His hatred grew and he became dangerous, to the point he tried to kill his own brother. Defeated, Midranda left and retreated to the spiritual world. He was the smartest of all gods, alone he gathered all knowleadge about alchemy and engenieering and created a weapon powerful enough to simulate Tempritos divine energy. That way he could re-build the world of Efria.

    With a new army, Midranda went to war against Tempritos and all the lesser gods, which led to the Second Gods War. That war was even worse than the first one, but before the end when Midranda's victory was almost at his grasp, he was sealed to another dimension - The Enigma.
    The Enigma is the void dimension where all that never was habits.
    When that happens the world became imbalanced and souls were sent to the Enigma. The souls from the limbo were able to break free and roam to other worlds or even bodies in Efria.


    1.3 - The Wrath of Tempritos

    Aeons after Midranda's defeat, the humans were evolved enough to consider themselves more powerful than gods, and decided they were no longer needed. They searched for Midranda's weapon but were unable to find it. They instead, tried to build another weapon, so they could steal " A god's power anew".
    Tempritos saw that and went on a rampage and remembered Midranda's words saying " The human race is a mistake". He then decides to erase the priston continent. After that he flees mysteriously.


    2. Memorial Age

    The second era was also not officially dated, but is taken into account according to the current era. In here all the tribes history is told and it ends in the war with the Ingolians and the death of all gods.

    2.1 - Resurgence

    The Lesser Gods protected some humans from total annihilation, but all was lost. Technologies and knowledge were reduced to dust and the human race were back to where they started.
    The Gods divided the human race once again in 2 groups: The Wysen and Thaion. To each group new tools for survival and knowledge were passed on. 
    Thus, the new civilization soon spread out. In order to succeed, they had to fulfil their prophecies; The Thaions were destined to control water and the wysen the wind. Both tribes called home their respective place of birth, being one in the south and another in the north.

    2.2 - Thaion

    The thaions were natural born fighters and rapidly started to explore the continent. That almost lead to an all-out war with the Wysen. A treaty was made between them: The Never Mountain which divided the continent in two.
    Now, with a solid economy and monarchy, the Thaion civilization is now a tribe known as Tempskron which is an union of the names Tempritos and Skronipe.
    Nobleman, the title of "Imperial Guard," they protect the king and serve as top-ranking investigators. Some of them were sent to north to investigate the dark magic never seen before, they could be conjured by humans and they would be able to destroy an entire city with only a meteor shower. This was due to the clash between fugitive morion mages and tempskrons troops. After the problems with heretics were resolved in a bloody war, it was time for the land dispute in which the tempskron cornered the morions conquering all lands around the newly founded pillai, after negotiations were established borders between the land of the two tribes, and even so some imperial guards were left as spies who never returned, fascinated with the culture of the morions they ended up establishing themselves there and they helped to form the army morions and consecutively the atalantas and knights.


    2.3 - Wysen

    The house of elegance and intelligence, the ones who value knowledge and logic and knows all about spirits and the source of the world's energy. Healers, priestess, warlocks and brave knights, they worship their gods and preach good will. They who possesses unbending will.

    While Tempskron explored, the Wysen where heavily focused in fulfilling Awell's wishes. They wanted a floating city to protect them from any invasion, but unfortunately they didn't know the necessary magic for such feat.
    Away from their camp, heretics thoughts began to spread, they possessed their own vision of what was called a god and the use of magic. Expelled, heretics possessed nothing more than their healing spell books and resolved to delve deeper into their technique, learning to control basic elements to protect themselves from monsters. They also gave life to inanimate objects, made dolls and poles.
    In one of their travels, the heretics found a crystal covered area where the Tranquil Valley is, with some analysis they found that the ores possessed a great magical power that could be used to amplify their magic, they gave it a name: Sheltons. Some heretics returned to the camps in an attempt to resume their lives by delivering the new discovery, others left with a new purpose of advancing south.
    With the discovery of the ore it was possible to build a floating city using the shelltons existing in the ocean below pillai, heretics who returned to the city contributed to the current magical formation.


    2.4 - Plagues and alliances

    A young nobleman of the Imperial Guard with a promising future in the tempskron royalty in one of his investigations in pillai in search of the origin of the magical power of the morions ends up knowing Valentina, a princess, and fell in love with her. The forbidden love is emphasized by the several hidden meetings until discovered by the king. The nobleman is arrested.
    At dawn, Valento is released from the prison of elders by two unknown people, they do not they claim to be divine envoys, they guide Valento to the princess's house without any trouble, as the guards were already dead. He then, easily climbs the window and gets into the room, where he encounters a dead Valentina holding a goblet in her hands, she committed suicide. Valento desperately accepts the offer of the two people who said they were capable of resurrecting the princess, fleeing quickly from the scene and wandering through the darkness of the forest, the ritual of resurrection is created, valento surrenders his soul and Valentina's to the Igolians and receives the ring of the eternal bond, able to resurrect her beloved, and guided by the Ingolians to Ricarten. Seeking protection, Valento announced that a war was inevitable.
    The Morions prepared their best army of magicians to invade Ricarten and to capture Valentina back (they thought that she had been kidnapped by temspkron).

    It did not take long after their stay in Ricarten for Valentina to start showing strange symptoms and end up dying, not much after, the same happened with Valento and the entire Tempskron population.
    Arriving with their army of wizards, the morions found no blockade, just a city destroyed and full of bodies scattered through the streets, the plague had already spread throughout Ricarten, without action, the morions retreated and as part of their culture began to help the ones who were still alive. Troops returned to Pillai with the objective to seek more priests and doctors, and end up expanding the plague to the Morion territory.
    Magicians and Priestesses begin an incessant pilgrimage to discover the cure for the disease, which was achieved by Kalia, a priestess who collected the ores found in the ring o Valento left behind, she was able to create the shellton known as "Tears of khalia"
    The plague also affected many creatures of the continent who came to obey the Igolians, but in the end they ended up failing in their mission, which was weaken the humans, instead, they ended up forging a stronger connection between the two tribes that began to help each other.
    The soul of valento and Valentina gathered now are used in favor of the Igolians.


    2.5 - Igolians 

    Igolian is known as the religion that worships Midranda, formed by several levels like a pyramid. Among them are the generals like Babel, and the "Originals" that mainly consists of the Igolians, formed by a race very similar to the humansm the Sophetios. They inherited the studies of Midranda, like the creation of diseases and dark magic which includes mental control (used in monsters that were once hostile, like hopies) They seek a way to break Enigma’s seal and release Midranda. They are able to hear Midranda’s voice and order thru Oracles.

    2.6 - The Council

    As soon as the plague’s epidemic ended, the two tribes began to help each other. But that interaction also brought many problems due to the lack of food and city administration, in a region with no one to guide them, power struggles began to happen. A council was then assembled, bringing together sages and captains of War from the two tribes in order to obtain a solution for most of their problems, the council was a success in this and in several other factors, also served to expand the current technology.

    The Shellton that was previously interpreted as magical, was enhanced in the hands of the Tempskron giving creating a teleportation device and a great deal of new mixes with alchemy, both using the advanced engineering and knowledge of the tribe.
    After a time, the continent elected a king, he was chosen by the two tribes, the council remained the same.


    1. Golden Age

    The present era of the continent, 96 years after the death of all gods. This time is marked by its political problems and the creation of the Great Kingdom



    The "Kingdom" became more important and at the same time more susceptible to attacks. The Imperial guard was summoned to protect every kingdom, however they are not just guards, they are an organization created to maintain the order of the whole continent, the Imperial guards supervise the use of magic and prevent it from being used in the wrong way as it happened with heretic magicians. Some members of the council were against putting any responsibilities at the hands of the guards, who preached an archaic and intolerant thought, but their influence was so big that it had already spread throughout the Morion territory, The Royal Wizards (provisional name?) created by wizards within the council, opposed the thoughts of the guards and worried about their impact on the continent, especially after an alliance with the "church" of pillai. The opposition was made, the priston kingdom had to divide and seek balance between the two organizations, one that sought a more conservative and organized continent and another a more liberal one.

    From the dust

    After the wrath of Tempritos, most of the continent was covered by dust and destruction of the ancient civilizations. Some humans survived, thanks to the help of the lesser gods however, others did not have the same luck and were left to fend for themselves. It was not easy for the surviving population to rebuild, they were forced to live like nomads for a long time and explored the entire central region of the continent for food and supplies before the Tempskron empire conquered the area. These nomads were divided into clans, only two prospered, the others became just another grain of sand in the devastated scenery. The first surviving the Neviskian clan, found home in a place near Oasis and there they settled as they had water and food they were the founders of Navisko. The other clan known as Archaeans, who had a totally different conception of the gods resolved to isolate themselves in the mountains. The Archaeans created its own culture and means of survival, they praise the earth (nature) and the spirits. The Secret city of Al-Archaea was created at the top of a library that belonged to an ancient civilization, some books were retrieved which slowly guided this tribe to control the art of war to protect themselves from the continent's monsters. The city's exact location remains a mistery, known only by the higher ranking commanders from the main cities.

    The Archaeans ignore the gods and see them only as mortals who failed to control their power and ended up trying to put an end to everything that was against their will; They also believe that the power and origin of the whole continent lies within the planet, a magic that is transmitted to the outside by means of ores (sheltoms), the souls of the dead are attracted by the force of the crystals and can be used by the Archaeans for their creation. Old texts, although often impossible to read, are part of the culture of the tribe. A book in particular, full of mysterious prophecies, which said that a great disease would plague the continent. Afraid of being extinct, Archaeans decided to leave the city and return to the teachings followed by their ancestors.

    The Great Plague had just subsided on the mainland, the rendezvous was ruinen where the Archeans were quickly chosen by the council, both were quite friendly, the unknown tribe showed them its city and its resources, the council chose to study the Book and decided to isolate the tribe from other humans.

    Ancient books, mysticism and the art of fighting, were fundamental to breed new warriors of this tribe, but the council also played a fundamental role in understanding magic, it was practically an exchange of favors. After finding the Book of Prophecies, they learned it was written by the Igolians, and locked the book away to prevent a future plague being unleashed. They also hid the secret teachings and documents.

    Although calm, the population of the city of Al-Archaea has always been very suspicious, but this did not prevent the tempskron nation to exploit the mineral resources of their land, they were the main shelltom producers of the continent and this was essential to keep its population.
    The city grew and the tribe's warriors were a match to the others, but the people of Archaeans still suffer resistance from other tribes and clans,. They are considered unworthy people because they do not believe in gods.



    The Imperial Guard and Royal Mage today represent a great power and a clash of ideology, constituting the basic of politics, respectively the right and the left.

    The Imperial Guard believes that all that is said to relate to the ancient age of humans, the elders, must be destroyed fearing that ambition will once and for all end with the human race once again, the formation of armies strong enough to kill all the Igolians before That they can withdraw Midranda from the enigma. They are against any kind of political change on the continent.

    The Royal mages believes that all knowledge of the age of the elders must be recovered in order to fortify the present humanity, and mainly to rebuild the legendary Old Weapon that this time should be kept away in case Midranda returns. They believe that the return of this god is inevitable, the only thing that the Igolians can do is to accelerate the process. They defend a free society, where intelligence must prevail. Formed basically by council members they try to pressure the Great Kingdoms to make changes in the administration, but are constantly restrained by the Imperial Guards.



    1 - Babel The Iron Guardian

    Babel, one of the Generals of Midranda who commanded the mechanical army during the war of gods, without success and wounded he returned to the laboratory using the trail of Forbidden Land. The watchtowers guaranteed his safety return.
    Babel Sought to preserve the research of Midranda and remains in its position until the present times. When you hear his iron hands scratch the sky, meteor showers will rain and the lord of iron will be back.
    Drop: Horn of Babel (Quest Item)

    2 - Valento the Icy Heart

    Valento was a noble warrior who was part of the Imperial Guard of Ricarten. Where now stands an icy heart, once a warm and beautiful love grew for Princess Valentina. However, it ended in the worst possible way, naively the swordsman gave his soul to the Igolians who control his remains for macabre purposes.

    Drop: Valento Ring

    3 - Kelvezu Queen of dragons

    One of the continent's most ancient creatures, Kelvezu was controlled by the Igolians during the war of gods in order to serve Midranda's purposes. After the war, the dragon took refuge in the mountains to rest and heal his wounds. Kelvezu remained asleep all this time, his warm heart kept the cave ablaze regardless of the ice storm.
    Drop: Kelvezu Amulet

    4 - Mokova The hand of inquisition

    One of the highest ranking Igolians, Ordering and commanding his inferiors throughout the continent. Mokova has the function of observing Human behavior, preparing for a future war, he guards the souls of ancient warriors inside a tower to assert his mission.
    Drop: Mokova Boots

    5 - Fury - The Unleashed Beast


    The fearsome monster that was sealed on the 2nd floor of the Cursed Temple began to rise slowly and broke the seal that imprisoned it, which weakened soon after the Pristonian warriors invaded the temple to investigate the place. However, fate prevents him from escaping from the Cursed Temple, but does not prevent him from continuing to become more powerful, which makes him a major threat to warriors who venture into the temple.

    Drop: Fury Sheltom

    6 - Devil Shy the Fearsome Devil

    Shy was one of the founders of the Great Council, was eventually infected by the plague and was sacrificed. Even after the death of the plague by the Igolians, he continued to develop and gave birth to a demon that took half of his body.
    Drop: Devil Shy Ring.

    7 - Tulla The Greedy hand

    Tulla led a mission to collect some minerals in the ice lands, finding much more than he wanted: a mysterious stone that would gave origin to a shell of inestimable power. Greedy, he ordered the site to be closed and started mining as fast as possible. An avalanche trapped him inside the mine, continually exposing itself to radiation from the ore it suffered anomalies and the total loss of consciousness.
    Drop: Tulla Amulet


    Garden of Freedom

    Received its name because it was the first place tempsrkons finally felt home after the great war.

    Bamboo Forest

    It is the continuation of the Tempskrons forest, where the dead population is buried during the plague, which explains the appearance of ghosts in the region. The monument "The gate of heaven" was built believing that it would facilitate the transition to paradise.

    Acacia Groove

    The forest lies at the western end of the Tempskron territory. In the past it was covered with yellow forests (acacias), but over time they stopped blooming and in contrast mushrooms quickly covered the farthest region of the coast.

    Refuge of the Ancients

    The place where humans sought refuge after Tempritos' wrath has not changed much since.

    Castle of Lost

    Remains of ancient civilizations, here was one of the most prosperous kingdoms of the continent.

    Ruinen Village

    Ancient monuments of ancient civilizations are everywhere, today this place serves only as a trade route between major cities.

    Cursed Land

    The most damaged area. The plague struck the land and created holes and pits all around the area. It is now home of small tribe, as it is the only place they can habit now.

    Forgotten Land

    The desert population was cursed by the Igolians, and served them sacrificing humans believing that it would be possible to break the curse, which has not been undone and continues to pass from generation to generation.


    In the past, Navisko was decimates during Tempritos Wrath,
    and its people cursed by the Igolians in sacrificial rituals to Midranda, it is amazing to come across the city in its current state in relation to its dark past.
    By order of the Great Council, Navisko hosts of the tournament of Bellatra, so usually attracts many warriors in search of recognition.


    Oasis was and still is the source of life of the local population, in there you can also find temples and monuments destroyed in the war.

    Battlefield of the Ancients

    One of the most distressing places on the continent, here the war of gods happened and also the failed re-creation of the ancient weapon by humans

    Forbidden Land

    The Watchtower of Igolians during the Second God's War
    through this path Midranda crawled to reach Railway of chaos and escape from the battle.
    This area is extremely dangerous and restricted to civilians.

    Railway of Chaos / Heart of Perum

    The laboratory of Midranda remains intact after so many centuries by the fact that it has been isolated by Babel, there are remnants of mechanical monsters designed by it. The monsters are held by a giant power machine called the Heart of Perum.

    Eura Village

    The eternal winter is a curse that plagues the Eura Village and its surroundings, a solitary place inhabited by those who survive by the rest of the Ancient Civilization.
    Due to its poor location, is hard for the Imperial Guard to keep the village protected.

    Gallubia Valley / Frozen Sanctuary

    Cursed by the Igolians to live in an eternal winter, this helped to preserve some constructions of the ancient civilizations, this includes a Sanctuary made for Awell the Angel of Truth.

    Kelvezu's Lair

    Dragons are ancestral animals on the mainland, kelvezu participated in the war of gods, fell asleep in the mountains of Frozen sanctuary. His heart kept him protected from the cold, everything around him continues to burn.

    Ancient Prison

    Underground prison built by the Tempskrons, in it is locked several monsters that inhabited the Cursed Land and offered great risks to the tribes and merchants around it.

    Mushroom Cave

    It was just a cave and covered in mushrooms, something common in the Tempskron lands. Through the action of the Dark Sanctuary monsters were summoned to the place and brought with them changes in the mushrooms and animals of the cave.

    Beehive Groove

    Morions have always been known for their gastronomic skills, most of the recipes used honey scattered in the small beehives on the backs of BeeDogs and in a beehive as big as a cave. The Dark Sanctuary powers brought monsters to this cave and with them, changes to local monsters.

    Dark Sanctuary

    The sanctuary built by the Igolians connects the two parts of the continent through Mushroom and Beehive Groove.

    Cursed Temple

    Temple built by Midranda. The monsters from that location were sealed by magicians. Here is the fury, which exerts extreme influence on the other monsters who try to somehow break the seal that holds him trapped in the temple.

    Endless Tower

    For centuries, humans have been fighting against Igolians, but they have never been able to emerge victorious. The souls of warriors killed by the Igolians were collected and condemned to roam the Tower.

    Ice mine

    The mine for ore exploration was closed by Tulla. However, the crystals exhaled a radiation capable of deforming the entire mining team.

    Secret Lab / Ancient Weapon

    The secret laboratory where Ancient Weapon was rebuilt continues with its intact structure, The Igolians intend to retrieve the weapon and decide to resurrect all the humans in its creation.

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