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    Mining is a hard-work profession that demands patience and strength. The continent leaned on the crystals to provide wealth and power to many clans in the past, but an accident in the northern parts of the continent changed the paradigm of the mineral exploration... You can still find sustenance on the surface. Plenty of mineral Veins are formed around the continent, maturing in tall rocky areas and close to the mountains.


    Ores are used to smith Earrings, Drills, Gems and more (also to keep a certain town above the clouds).


    Mining Experience Points are obtained as you mine Veins. As you earn Mining EXP, you level up and this allows you to equip better tools, learn mining skills and increase your chances of collecting rare Ores.


    Veins can be mined for Ores, they can be found in a different disposition according to the biome where they appeared on the continent. Veins take longer to grow than Plants, but the larger the Vein, the greater the chance of mining extra Ores from it. Different types of Veins vary in rarity, and rarer ones are more difficult to be mined by inexperienced Miners.





    You must fill the Mining Bar to collect the Ore. This occurs through the damage of your Pickaxe in relation to the Vein's hardness. If your mining level is not high enough for the stone, it may fail and the progress bar will turn red. Only a few attempts are tolerated until the Vein crumbles making its Ore unusable.




    On success, you gain the raw material Ore for the type of Vein you've just mined. It is automatically placed in your "Craft Materials" page in your Inventory (Press the button or use shortcut Y or middle mouse button to open it).


    To become a Miner, you only need to have a Pickaxe. A Pickaxe can be bought at the Gatherer Instructor, Brock's shop in Ruinen Village.





    The Pickaxe is the tool of choice for Miners, it must be equipped in the Gatherer window (G Shortcut). Integrity reduces whenever you start mining a Vein. The tool can be repaired at Blacksmiths or using a Repair Kit.




    The only way to obtain stronger Pickaxes is to craft them through Smithery Master, Salon in Ricarten Town. To craft one, a weaker Pickaxe, crafting materials and gold is required.



      Name Stats
    Qw108zU.jpg Iron Pickaxe

    Attack Power: 1(1) - 1(3)

    Attack Speed: 4 - 5

    Integrity: 80 - 85

    Req. Level: 25

    Spec Extra Ore: 1 - 2

    E7aOhdP.jpg Ample Pickaxe

    Attack Power: 1(2) - 2(3)

    Attack Speed: 5 - 6

    Integrity: 85 - 90

    Req. Level: 90

    Req. Mining Lv.: 4

    Spec Extra Ore: 2 - 3

    6UomiFj.jpg Stalwart Pickaxe

    Attack Power: 2(3) - 4(5)

    Attack Speed: 6 - 7

    Integrity: 90 - 95

    Req. Level: 110

    Req. Mining Lv.: 7

    Spec Extra Ore: 3 - 5

    I4DrRV8.jpg Obelisk Pickaxe

    Attack Power: 4(5) - 6(7)

    Attack Speed: 7 - 8

    Integrity: 95-100

    Req. Level: 120

    Req. Mining Lv.: 10

    Spec Extra Ore: 4 - 6

    Note: Tools can be Respeced. See the Respec Guide.





    As you evolve your Mining proficiency, skills are automatically learned and improved on level up.


    vVUND0b.jpg Pick Mastery

    Permanently increases your chance of finding extra Ores while mining.

    Required Mining Level: 1


    Level Extra Ore
    1 2%
    2 4%
    3 6%
    4 7%  
    5 8%  
    6 9%  
    7 10%  
    8 11%  
    9 12%  
    10 13%  


    HbPDfaD.jpg Build Smelting Furnace

    Set up a Smelting Furnace to process Ores.

    Required Mining Level: 8

    Required Unlock Item: Smelting Furnace (craft at Smithery Master, Salon)


    Duration (sec) Cooldown (sec)
    300 3600





    Raw Materials are unstable for crafting, they must first be processed in a Smelting Furnace. Those can be found in many places on the continent, usually near Blacksmiths.




    The Smelting Furnace can be rented for a certain amount of gold for 24 hours (real time). During this period, the use is unlimited until the end of the contract. After that, the Smelting Furnace will need to be rented again. At level 8, you can craft your own furnace without the need to rent it, building it anywhere using the Build Smelting Furnace skill.


    Every processed material provides a small amount of Mining Experience.




    The correct amount of raw Ores must be deposited in the Smelting Furnace to generate one of the following items.


    Processed Materials:

      Name Raw Material
    NgCFgIH.jpg Metallic Alloy 125x Iron Ore
        114x Bargonite Ore
        76x Dragonslate Ore
        26x Orichalcum Ore
        10x Mithril Ore
    o2ixNC7.jpg Efrium Ingot 10x Efrium Ore


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