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    Sacred Powers


    Sacred Powers


    Sacred Powers are special powers that can be extracted from the Sacred Tree which is located in Phillai Town. 
    Visit Nadia to hear more about the history of the Tree. 


    The Tree drops leaves every now and then. The leaves are blessed with the Sacred Powers of the Tree. Therefore they are called Sacred Leaves. 
    The Sacred Leaves are valuable can be used to obtain advantages in battle. 

    How to obtain Sacred Powers: 
    Combine 4 Sacred Leaves + 1 Fallen Star at Alchemy Master, Yoric in Phillai Town and you get a Sacred Star. 


    (note: the interface has changed, but the formula is still the same)


    Use a Sacred Star to get 1 of 2 possible buffs (randomly): +5% ATR or +5% Def. Both buffs last 3 hours. 
    Note: You can only get advantage by one Sacred Power at once.

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