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    Challenge your nemesis for a Duel anywhere, anytime to show who's most capable! Or Duel a friend and wager gold or coins on the line!


    Dueling is a consensual PvP mode that can be performed on any map, as long as the opponent is 25 levels apart from your character. In a heated moment? Fight it out right on the spot!




    To engage in a duel click on the "Duel" button on the target's portrait (top right).




    You can Duel with a wager by filling in the amount of gold or coin in the challenge window. The challenged player will need to accept these terms of the Duel and have the waged amounts in order to accept.




    When the challenged Player accepts the Duel, a 5 second countdown starts. Use this time to buff up and get ready fast!


    The battle will end once a player dies or when the 2 minute time limit is reached. The winner gets the full wager, or in case of tie, the wager is returned to both.

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