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    Gems and Sockets


    Gems and Item Sockets


    Gems are Socketable precious Gemstones that hold powerful magic effects in its composition.


    According to “Neo Age” researchers, those minerals absorbed a large amount of mana from the soil of Efria during its growth after the explosion of the Ancient Weapon. This magical potential can shared among other materials through close contact, when placed in Sockets that are embedded in Weapons, Armors and Robes.




    Drills are items that can make a hole in your Weapon or Armor. This hole is called Socket and allows you to insert a Gem inside it.




    Drills can only be crafted by Smithery Master, Salon in Ricarten Town.


    There are 6 different drills to open a Common Socket:



      Name Description
    R2bWFIW.jpg Iron Drill Create a random Common Socket
    ZEFB6uB.jpg Ruby Drill Create a Ruby Common Socket
    fbJSipD.jpg Aquamarine Drill Create an Aquamarine Common Socket
    ilQjBpl.jpg Emerald Drill Create an Emerald Common Socket
    aAXH3d7.jpg Topaz Drill Create a Topaz Common Socket
    fOEh39S.jpg Amethyst Drill Create an Amethyst Common Socket



    Drilling an Item

    Right click on the Drill and choose an eligible item to create a Socket. Only one Socket Type (Common and Extended) is allowed per item.

    Note: Only Weapons and Armor/Robes can be drilled. Drilling is not possible on Costumes and other items.




    The result depends on the type of Drill used.


    You can get Prismatic Socket by any type of Drill. This is a rare type of Socket that accepts any type of Gem to be introduced.



      Name Description
    nHPKpA5.jpg Ruby Socket Allows Ruby to be inserted.
    hbaejP8.jpg Aquamarine Socket Allows Aquamarine to be inserted
    NlzyzAS.jpg Emerald Socket Allows Emerald to be inserted
    kgrcjM9.jpg Topaz Socket Allows Topaz to be inserted
    2pu1sa0.jpg Amethyst Socket Allows Amethyst to be inserted
    9eyc7KA.jpg Prismatic Socket Allows any Gem to be inserted



    Extended Sockets

    Extended Socket is a secondary form of Sockets that can be combined with a common Socket to insert another Gem into the same item. It can only be obtained by using an Extender Drill.

    Extended Sockets are independent and don’t rely on the Common Socket to exist.




    They can be identified by the "plus" icon above in the upper right corner of the socket.

    Note: If an item has an empty Common Socket and an empty Extended Socket, the Gem will always be inserted into the Common Socket first.


    Extender Drills:

      Name Description
    YftCn9s.jpg Extender Drill Create a random Extended Socket

    Note: Extender Drill works exactly like Iron Drill, in that the resulting Socket is of random type.



    Removing a Sockets

    Sockets can be removed from an item by "filling the hole" with a Socket Filler crafted by Smithery Master, Salon in Ricarten Town.


    Socket Fillers:

      Name Description
    PHq6WHu.jpg Socket Filler Removes a Common Socket.
    tQ9UCD3.jpg Extended Socket Filler Removes an Extended Socket.

    Note:If you have both the Common Socket and the Extended Socket on your item, and you're using the Socket Filler to remove the Common Socket, the Extended Socket will remain an Extended Socket. There is no situation where an Extended Socket would "decay" into a Common Socket.

    Note: If there is a gem inside the socket, it will also be destroyed.





    Gems are obtained by cutting rough Gemstones. These minerals grow in various locations on the continent and need to be mined with a Pickaxe, Experienced miners can obtain Gem Shards more easily.




    There are five different types of clusters that can be mined, each comes with its respective shard.


    Gem Shards:

      Name Description
    6kOzt9P.jpg Ruby Shard Provides Strength Points when polished
    vaKax4c.jpg Aquamarine Shard Provides Spirit Points when polished
    cPCA5lA.jpg Emerald Shard Provides Talent Points when polished
    FkecA13.jpg Topaz Shard Provides Agility Points when polished
    OQ1Ou18.jpg Amethyst Shard Provides Health Points when polished




    A Gem Shard in its raw form cannot yet be inserted into a socket. It is necessary for it to be polished and cut by Alchemy Master, Yoric in Phillai Town.




    The cut shape will define the amount of status given by the gem, and the color will define what stat.

    For example, a Triangular Topaz will provide +3 Agility and a Pentagonal Amethyst will provide +15 Health.


    Cut Shapes:

      Name Description
    jvhdQVx.jpg Triangular Cut +3 Stat Points
    6ffMAzt.jpg Square Cut +9 Stat Points
    539zQE0.jpg Pentagonal Cut +15 Stat Points



    Inserting a Gem into a Socket

    First of all, it is necessary to confirm that the item has a Socket that accepts the Gem color. Then press the right button on the Gem and insert it into the desired item.


    Note: For Daggers and Fists, the bonus provided by gems is only applied to the weapon placed in the left hand.





    Removing a gem
    A Gem inserted in a Socket can be removed by the Gem remover. This tool can be crafted by Smithery Master, Salon in Ricarten Town.

    Gem Remover:

      Name Description
    PRZNcfS.jpg Gem Remover Remove a Gem from a Common Socket
    G9t8zz6.jpg Extended Gem Remover Remove a Gem from an Extended Socket

    Note: After the procedure, the gem is destroyed.

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