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    PvP now includes a completely new Ranking system! Show off your PvP skills and be at the top of the Leader Boards!

    Battle EXP

    Every kill in PvP you gain Battle EXP, and each death in PvP you lose some. Based on your Battle EXP, your PvP Rank is determined. The amount of Battle EXP you gain or lose is based on your streak, class and the level difference. 

    You gain less Battle EXP if you kill a lower level player, and gain extra if you kill a player above your level. 

    Your Battle EXP resets each saturday at 17:00 (Server Time), and the top 1 of each class receives a week-long 5% evasion buff for their accomplishment! This buff is called the Champion Buff!



    You lose 10% Battle EXP every day if you haven't engaged in PvP the previous day. 

    Note: Battle EXP can only be gained on the first subserver. 















    PvP Clan Ranking 
    The PvP Rank of your Clan is also saved. This rank is also based on Battle EXP, and each time you gain or lose Battle EXP, it is added to the Battle EXP of your Clan! 

    The Clan PvP Ranking resets monthly at the first saturday of the month at 17:00 (Server time).



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