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    We can find an abundant ecosystem of Plants around Efria, each of them with unique properties that are being explored since the Ancient Times. Different biomes display an exclusive range of Plants. Plants are mostly spotted close to bushes, tall grasses and trees.


    A true Herbalist must comprehend the principles of nature in order to harvest Rakidia’s legacy with dirty hands. Every form of Plant life is important to Efria's natural balance. Herbs can have mystical effects used for the creation of Potions, Tonics and its Powder to enchant jewelries such as Earrings.


    Herbalism Experience Points are obtained as you harvest Plants and level up, this allows you to equip better tools, learn Herbalism skills and increase your chance of collecting rare Herbs.


    Plants can be harvested for Herbs, they can be found in a different disposition according to the biome where they appear. Plants usually grow faster than Veins, and the bigger the Plant, the greater the chance of getting extra Herbs on a successful harvest. Plants may vary in rarity, and a rare one can be difficult to successfully harvest by inexperienced Herbalists.





    You must fill the Harvesting Bar to collect the Herb. This occurs through the Harvest Speed of the Trowel in relation to the Plant's root depth. If your Herbalism level is not high enough for the Plant, it may fail and the progress bar will turn red. Only a few attempts are tolerated until your actions causes the Plant to die.




    When the raw material is collected, it is automatically placed in your "Craft Materials" page inside your Inventory (you can open that page by using the button, keyboard shortcut Y or the middle mouse button).


    While harvesting, you may find some items buried in the ground. Many of them were buried after the explosion of the ancient weapon and can be used for various purposes.

    Raw Material:

    MTnwyoe.jpg Monster Horn
    8UOVtaj.jpg Blue Feather
    5bkPC9X.jpg Ancient Screw
    oQYVjw1.jpg Poison Gland


    To become a Herbalist, you only need to have a Trowel. A Trowel for beginners can be bought at the Gatherer Instructor, Brock's shop in Ruinen Village.





    The Trowel is the tool of choice for Herbalists, it must be equipped in the Gatherer window (button on HUD or use G shortcut). Integrity reduces whenever you start harvesting a Plant. The tool can be repaired by a Blacksmith or using a Repair Kit.




    The only way to obtain stronger Trowels is to craft them through Smithery Master, Salon in Ricarten Town. A weaker Trowel, other crafting materials and Gold is required to upgrade it.



      Name Stats
    BhtDfTu.jpg Botanic Trowel

    Harvest Speed: 0.2 - 0.5

    Integrity: 80 - 85

    Req. Level: 25

    Spec Extra Herb: 1 - 2

    yEVtz5n.jpg Fanged Trowel

    Harvest Speed: 1 - 2

    Integrity: 85 - 90

    Req. Level: 90

    Req. Herbalism Lv.: 4

    Spec Extra Herb: 2 - 3

    Zhg1SRD.jpg Elven Trowel

    Harvest Speed: 3 - 4

    Integrity: 90 - 95

    Req. Level: 110

    Req. Herbalism Lv.: 7

    Spec Extra Herb: 3 - 5

    jSGzgET.jpg Treant Trowel

    Harvest Speed: 6 - 7

    Integrity: 95-100

    Req. Level: 120

    Req. Herbalism Lv.: 10

    Spec Extra Herb: 4 - 6

    Note: Tools can be Respeced. See the Respec Guide.





    As you evolve your Herbalism proficiency, skills are automatically learned and improved on level up.


    h27xDe8.jpg Land Mastery

    Permanently increases your chance of finding extra Herbs while harvesting.

    Required Herbalism Level: 1


    Level Extra Herb
    1 2%
    2 4%
    3 6%
    4 7%  
    5 8%  
    6 9%  
    7 10%  
    8 11%  
    9 12%  
    10 13%  


    aymNpru.jpg Build Grinding Table

    Set up a Grinding table to process Herbs.

    Required Herbalism Level: 8

    Required Unlock Item: Grinding Table (craft at Smithery Master, Salon)


    Duration (sec) Cooldown (sec)
    300 3600





    Raw Materials are unstable for crafting, they must first be processed in a Grinding Table. Those can be found in many places on the continent, usually near Supply Stores.




    The Grinding Table can be rented for a certain amount of gold for 24 hours (real time). During this period, the use is unlimited until the end of the contract. After that, the Grinding Table will need to be rented again. At level 8, you can craft your own Grinding Table without the need to rent it, building it anywhere using the Build Grinding Table skill.


    Every processed material provides a small amount of Herbalism Experience.




    The correct amount of Herbs must be deposited in the Grinding Table to generate one of the following items.


    Processed Materials:

      Name Raw Material
    2G1oOr9.jpg Herbal Extract 125x Elfthorn
        114x Miragewort
        76x Thales' Beard
        26x Mardano's Horn
        10x Midranda's Nail
    shyk3ZH.jpg Medicinal Powder 10x Duskflower
    NbottUh.jpg Insightful Powder 10x Gloomshade
    KHIRqFg.jpg Invigorating Powder 10x Verweed
    hAHC6Sd.jpg Ether Dust 10x Etheroot
    1Lvr89A.jpg Fish Oil See Fishing Guide





    Herbs are also useful in cooking Food. See the Cooking Guide for more information.


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