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    Hell's Gate




    What is Hell's Gate? 
    Hell's Gate is an arena located at the very heart of Cursed Temple's 2nd floor, in which players above Level 120 can sign up to aid the council of Ricarten and Phillai in the eternal imprisonment of some of the toughest and meanest Boss monsters to have ever set foot on the realm of living. Those who live to see the end of each of these breakout attempts carried out by the forces of evil, shall be rewarded with either precious items or amazing experience. 


    Rumors have it that these battles are:

    • ...absolutely unique and unforgettable, for their intensity and unparalleled difficulty;
    • ...highly addicting and rewarding;
    • ...the birth of many legends;
    • ...the subject of tales, passed on from one generation to the next;

    The action takes place inside the arena south of Cursed Temple 2 (75). 

    There are 3 different rounds of enemies that you can face inside Hell's Gate. 


    4_hg_theloneprince.pngTHE LONE PRINCE:
    Once the youngest son of a benevolent king ruling over a prosperous kingdom now long gone, the young prince was wanting for nothing. Yet he desired one thing more than anything else; to one day ascend the throne. Alas, he knew this was not to be, for even as the good king grew older with the years, his older brother yet remained the heir, to assume the throne upon the passing of their father. Driven by his insatiable thirst for power, the prince found but one way to remedy his plight; the death of his own brother. Luck was not to be with the prince however, for though his brother was slain, the prince was discovered. Overcome by grief, the king could not bear the thought of condemning his only remaining son to death, and so the prince was to be exiled from the kingdom for all time. Enraged by his failure, the prince sought out Midranda, pleading to the evil god for aid so that the kingdom and his father would suffer his vengeance. Amused by this proposition, Midranda agreed to the request and granted the prince both power and an army to serve him. The war that followed was long and bloody, and although in the end the king was victorious, the prince slain and cast down into hell by the gods themselves, the kingdom had no heir and was never to recover from the damage wrought by the demonic army. His name now long since lost and forgotten, the being now known only as the lone Prince still awaits the day when he at last can escape from his prison. 


    • This round takes 6 hours to start.
    • Monsters: Prince, Royal Warden, and Royal Marksman
    • Reward: Royal Scroll

    4_hg_thecolossi.pngTHE COLOSSI:
    Though the tribes of Morion and Tempskron now enjoy a close alliance, this was not always so. During the early encounters between the tribes long ago, cultural and religious differences caused inevitable friction between the two, resulting in many skirmishes and eventually leading to what would be known as the Tribal War. At first it seemed the battle-hardened Tempskron would prove stronger, the Morion long having lived protected from harm in their floating city and despite their powerful magic lacking experience in warfare. It was then that Onir, a Morion wizard that had dedicated his entire life to the study of familiars and magical constructs, created the beings that would be collectively known as the Colossi. Five in total, their one purpose was war, and Onir hoped that they could put an end to the conflict once and for all. Forged from magic, pieces of captured Tempskron steel armor, and infused with the powers of the elements, the Colossi mindlessly followed the will of their creator and his alone. Terrible foes on the battlefield unlike anything the Tempskron had ever encountered, it became obvious that the Colossi had to be stopped if any hopes of victory were to remain. Although one was destroyed at great cost, in the end, it was pure chance that changed everything. A stray arrow piercing the magical defenses of Onir and ending his life. Although the Colossi had lost their master, their purpose remained and without the influence of the wizard they turned on Morion and Tempskron alike. Realizing the necessity of uniting against the common threat, the Tempskron and Morion tribes formed an uneasy truce. With Tempskron warriors to engage the constructs and Morion mages to work their magic, three of the Colossi were sealed in Hell, an ancient prison for enemies of the gods. The fourth and last was badly damaged in battle, vanishing and never to be heard from again. Ironically, Onir's weapons of war and his subsequent death ensured his original goal succeeded beyond anything he could have hoped for. The uneasy truce and grudging cooperation of the two tribes eventually developed into a lasting peace. With peace came trade and the two tribes was drawn closer. The Tempskron learned of Morion magic with which they could further enhance their abilities. The Morion in turn learned of Tempskron steel and discipline, the foundation upon which the first Morion knight orders were built.


    • This round takes 5 hours to start.
    • Monsters: Morsus, Dolosus, and Petrosus
    • Reward: Colossal Scroll

    4_hg_thedeadarmy.pngTHE DEAD ARMY:
    During the Ancient War, as the tales tell, a grand army was sent to aid the forces of good against Midranda's unholy armies. The force was lead by Tulla, a great knight famed throughout the land for his skill in both swordplay and magic. But with his great skill came arrogance, and as Midranda learned of the army he was not slow to exploit it. In Tulla's dreams he came, whispering of power and glory. Through promises of greatness and lands to rule, he appealed to the pride and arrogance of the knight. All in exchange for loyalty, and the destruction of the army. Tulla accepted, and Midranda granted him the powers promised. One night of autumn as the army made camp by the edge of a great forest in the Gallubia Valley, Tulla was to fulfill his promise. He left the camp and began a spell to upheave the very earth and bury the army beneath it. Unbeknownst to Tulla however, the dark powers of Midranda that flowed through him attracted the attention of the other gods. Angered by his betrayal of his gods and fellow man alike but far too late to prevent the death of the army, they instead allowed their own powers to strengthen the spell far beyond what Tulla had intended. Though Tulla was buried, so was the army. Having suffered betrayal, these soldiers were left forgotten there by their gods and fellow man alike, awaiting death in agony. Cursing the world for abandoning them, their spirits were unable to move on to the next life for they were bound to this world through the grudges they still hold against it. Taking the bodies of some of Midranda's fallen minions to magnify their powers, the Dead Army rose once again to avenge their deaths. However, having witnessed the consequences of hatred before, the gods were left with no other choice but to seal the army away to prevent any more problems. Now fully consumed by darkness and blinded by a single goal of revenge, the army tries to escape the eternal flames of Hell to bring punishment to all responsible for the loss of their lives. 

    • This round takes 5 hours to start.
    • Monsters: Minos, Dead Knight, Dead Guard, Dead Hunter, Dead Mokova, Dead Phalanx, and Dead Skeleton Knight
    • Reward: Dark Scroll

    How to participate? 
    Meet the Gate Watch, Thomas on the 2nd Floor of Cursed Temple and he will let you know when the next round will start. 30 minutes before the round starts you will be able to get inside the gate. But before you do so, be sure to visit the Seal Specialist, Katrine and buy a Gatekeeper Scroll to prevent experience loss upon death inside the gate. Normal Resurrection Scrolls won't prevent you from losing experience. 

    What are the rewards? 
    Every survivor at the end of a round automatically gets one untradeable scroll in their quest inventory. Deliver that scroll to General Sirius on Ricarten's bridge to reclaim your reward. Rewards can vary from Hell set (exclusively obtained only from Hell's Gate), Throne accessories, Gravity Stones, Integrity Crystals, Aging Stones, Copper Ores, Phoenix Eggs, Purple Skill Crystals, Caravan Crystals to 35,000,000,000 experience. Certain rewards may be easier to get depending on the type of scroll you have and vice-versa.


    Hell Weapons in the Hell Chest

    chesthigh.png  arrow.png sword.png

    At the end of every Hell's Gate, there is a chance that the elusive Hell Chest will drop in the arena. The chest will contain one randomly chosen valuable item, which may include ultra-rare Hell Weapons, experience potions, and even an extender drill!


    To participate in the roulette, you must have a Gatekeeper Scroll in your inventory, which will be consumed the moment the Hell Chest is unsealed. Only one player will win the item at the end of the roulette.

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