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    Cooking is a crafting system that allows you to mix four different Ingredients into Foods. There are plenty of Recipes that collectively can result in over 50 types of Foods and other consumables!


    To start, bring Ingredients and find a Cooking Pot in any town or village. You can rent the pot for 24 hours (real time). During this period, the use is unlimited until the end of the contract. After that, the Cooking Pot will need to be rented again. Once you've reached Level 8 in Fishing, you can learn a skill to craft your personal Cooking Pot that you can place anywhere!




    The four ingredients that you put inside the pot is called the Cooking Recipe. Any item can be an Ingredient, but it's generally not recommended to cook your equipment!




    The result you get depends on the Recipe. The order in which you place the Ingredients does not matter, it is always considered the same Recipe.

    Protip: right-click your Item to insert one into the Cooking Pot instantly. For Stackable Items you can hold the Shift keyboard key and you will fill the Cooking Pot completely by automatically inserting one into each remaining slot.


    The cooked Food you get can come in different qualities, depending on the Recipe you used and a little bit of luck. There's Gourmet Food, which is perfect Food, Ordinary Food, which is random Food, or Ruinous Food, which is failed Food and will probably give you a Bellyache if you eat it!




    • Gourmet Food
      • Gourmet Foods are named in blue, has perfect stats, increases your chance of getting the Well Fed buff when you eat them and last two hours. The chance of getting a Gourmet Food depends on the Recipe and your Fishing Level.
    • Ordinary Food
      • Ordinary Foods has random stats and last one hour.
    • Ruinous Food
      • Food with random stats made from a failed or bad Recipe and can cause bellyache, lasts one hour.


    Food expires after a few days. Eating spoiled Food comes at a risk. There is still a chance to activate the Food's buff, but get you'll probably get a Bellyache right away. You can warm up four expired Foods to make one fresh Food which can be consumed again without risking a Bellyache.


    u4nzkYy.png Well Fed: Food prepared with quality Ingredients can give you the Well Fed buff, which increases your HP by 5% for 15 minutes. Eating while sitting around a Cooking Pot with Party Members will increase the chance of getting Well Fed.


    MDeQ1cx.png Bellyache: Eating spoiled or poor quality Food is not good for your health! Are you silly? It will probably give you a Bellyache. Your walk speed will be reduced by 25% and 5% of Stamina is consumed every second for 60 seconds. You can use your Mount to walk at normal speed and find a bush quick.




    Gather your friends for a meal around the Cooking Pot, pressing Space Bar to sit down. You can share your Food by eating close to your Party Members who are also sitting by your side. Sitting will also increase the chance of getting Well Fed. Note: It is not possible to share Ruinous Food or spoiled Food with others or share Food with yourself on another character.




    Gourmet Challenge




    Gourmet Sommelier, Tuomacze is waiting for you in Land Dusk to test your culinary skills! Take part in 10 challenges by preparing Gourmet Foods for Tuomacze to evaluate.




    After completing all challenges, access will be granted to you to an exclusive store featuring unique cosmetics dedicated to cooking. To equip them, you must have cooked a certain amount of foods.



    Cooking Ingredients



    Seafoods are the best key Ingredient in Cooking Recipe's.

    You can learn more about obtaining Seafood by checking the Fishing Guide.




    Plants can spice up your Cooking Recipe's or make infusions.

    You can learn more about obtaining Herbs by checking the Herbalism Guide.





    They are similar to Herbs and need a Trowel to be harvested, these can only be found on very specific maps.


      Name Found in:
    y7nDtMe.jpg Blushroom Mushroom Cave
    M9OW9TM.jpg Royal Jelly Beehive Cave




    You can purchase condiments from Supply Stores, but they are not always in stock because of lengthy production processes. If the desired condiment is not in stock, wait a bit until the local producer restocks it.


      Name Sold by:
    mUHV1Di.jpg Butter Supply Store, Phillya
    2G1oOr9.jpg Naviskan Spice Supply Store, Byant





    You can purchase seeds from the Supply Store, just  like condiments.


    Right click on the seed and select arable land for planting. After a few minutes, the plant is ready to be harvested.

    The plant will become public for anyone after 30 minutes.


      Name Sold by:
    nCXu4w9.jpg Wheat Seed Supply Store, Namy





    Fruits can fall from trees in Forests and area's with health trees. Pick them up and put them in your wooden basket while singing folklore.


      Name Found in:
    CREvHTW.jpg Ambernut Forests and area's with healthy trees
    95WWich.jpg Apple Forests and area's with healthy trees





    You can find Cuckelu's and Melkao's near the Cuckelu Hamlet and Moo Moo Ranch. They're usually wandering around the area looking for Food. Be aware of the animals’ route, as they will always look for bushes, Ambernuts or Apples to feed on.


    Click on the wandering Cuckelu or Melkao for it to bless you with an Egg or Milk bottle. They can give you multiple, but give them a few minutes to produce more.

    Animals that live in Farm enclosures can't be farmed because they are owned by the farmer. If your mouse cursor changes while you aim on an animal you will know it can be farmed.


      Name Found in:
    dhf7mte.jpg Cuckoo Egg Acacia Grove
    yp59VYz.jpg Fresh Milk Land of Dusk


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