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    Item Integrity


    What is Integrity?

    Integrity is the durability of an item. Offensive and Defensive items have an integrity attribute. 
    The integrity will decrease when an item is used in combat. This applies to both offensive and defensive items.

    • Offensive items' integrity will decrease when hits are made.
    • Defensive items' integrity will decrease when hits are taken.

    When the minimum integrity reaches zero, the item is rendered useless. You must then repair the item at a Blacksmith NPC in a town. There is a gold cost involved with repairing items. After repairing, the item's integrity is back to its maximum. 

    Example of a repair process:
    See "Integrity" under the item stats. 


    You can also click the 'Repair All' button next to the Repair button, to repair all items to their maximum integrity at once. 

    Integrity on items doesn't go down below character level 100 (except when residing in Mystery Forests) 
    Integrity goes down slower between level 100-120 (except when residing in Mystery Forests)

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