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    Item Respecing


    Item Respecing is a special crafting method to change the specialization and stats of an item. It's also known as just respec.

    •     This can be done in two different ways: basic and advanced.
    •     The different ways each require varying items and amounts of gold.

    Basic Respec



    There are 5 base stones in the art of respecing, and they are the following stones; Gyfu, Nied, Jera, Dagaz and Sigel.

    These stones can be used to do a 100% random respec of an item by bringing 2 of the same stones and the item to Mixing Craftsman, Morald in Ricarten Town.

    Base Stones:

      Name Item Level Range
    4_itse103.gif Gyfu 0~60
    4_itse102.gif Nied 61~100
    4_itse101.gif Jera 101~125
    4_itse104.jpg Dagaz 126~145
      Sigel 146+

    The base stones you have to use depend on the item level. See table above. You must use two base stones.


    The item must be clean (not aged or mixed) in order to respec with the base stones. The Influence Stone must be used with together with the appropriate base stones. By using an Influence Stone in addition to base stones, you will have 35% chance to get the spec of your character (if the item can have your spec, see Item List to know). The special stone must be placed in the rune slot.


      Name Feature
    4_bi245.png Influence Stone 35% to get the spec of your character.


    Advanced Respec
    There are also 4 Super base stones and we use them for more complex and precise respecing. Just like the basic respecing, you need two super base stones, and an indispensable rune.

    To turn a base stone into a Super base stone, you must smelt 4 normal base stones with a Fallen Star. This process is done at Alchemy Master, Yoric in Phillai Town. Fallen Star can fall randomly from the sky at nighttime.




    Super Stones:


      Name Item Level Range
    4_itBI153.jpg Super Gyfu 0~60
    4_itBI152.jpg Super Nied 61~100
    4_itBI151.jpg Super Jera 101~125
    4_itBI150.jpg Super Dagaz 126~145
      Super Sigel 146+


    The 4 super base stones can not be used alone. We must combine them with a respec rune.


    Note: if your item has already been aged, the item level range of super base stones will be applied on the actual level of the item, not the clean/base level. So the number you see in the item stats.


    These are the respec runes you must use in combination with the super base stones:


      Name Feature
    4_itBI140.jpg Base Rune Only restats the base stats of an item. Does not change the spec stats or requirements. Can not be used on aged/mixed items.
    4_itBI141.jpg Spec Rune Only restats the spec stats of an item. Does not change the spec, base stats or requirements.
    4_itBI142.jpg Requ Rune Only restats the requirements of an item. Does not change the base or spec stats.
    4_itBI131.jpg Fighter Rune 100% to get Fighter Spec.
    4_itBI132.jpg Mechanician Rune 100% to get Mechanician Spec.
    4_itBI133.jpg Pikeman Rune 100% to get Pikeman Spec.
    4_itBI134.jpg Archer Rune 100% to get Archer Spec.
    4_itBI171.jpg Assassin Rune 100% to get Assassin Spec.
    ehw51L2.png Brawler Rune 100% to get Brawler Spec.
    4_itBI135.jpg Knight Rune 100% to get Knight Spec.
    4_itBI136.jpg Atalanta Rune 100% to get Atalanta Spec.
    4_itBI137.jpg Magician Rune 100% to get Magician Spec.
    9_itBI138.jpg Priestess Rune 100% to get Priestess Spec.
    4_itBI172.jpg Shaman Rune 100% to get Shaman Spec.
    fE7SEVG.png Common Rune 100% to get Common Spec. (Mount Equipment only)
    LIj3e7W.png Rare Rune 100% to get Rare Spec. (Mount Equipment only)
    ytf9kd9.png Epic Rune 100% to get Epic Spec. (Mount Equipment only)
    7M9mT7W.png Legendary Rune 100% to get Legendary Spec. (Mount Equipment only)

    Note: For class runes (Fighter Rune etc), the item's requirements (Req. Strength etc) will be perfect in the new spec if the item's requirements were perfect before changing spec. Otherwise, it will be random requirements. Also, they only give the spec if the Item itself supports it, for example you can't make a Priestess Axe, because Axes don't come in Priestess spec. If you are using a class rune on an item that has no spec, the new spec stats will be random, even if the item was perfect when it was still no spec. The base stats and requirements remain perfect.

         Equipment Basic Respecing - respecing with Base Stones: 
         We want to respec a pair of Clamshell Gauntlets. The level requirement of the boots is 9 therefore we have to use 2 Gyfus. 




        Equipment Advanced Respecing - respecing with Super Base Stones and Respec Runes: 
         We want to respec the spec stats of a Torment Shield (Lvl 124). So we have to use 2 Super Dagaz and 1 Spec Rune.





         Tool / Mount Equipment Basic Respecing - respecing with Base Stones: 
         We want to respec a Botanic Trowel. 1 Gyfu, 1 Nied, 1 Jera and 1 Dagaz is the formula to respec any Gatherer tool or Mount Equipment



         Tool / Mount Equipment Advanced Respecing - respecing with Super Base Stones and Respec Runes: 
         We want to respec the spec stats of a Leather Saddle. So we have to use 1 Super Gyfu, 1 Super Nied, 1 Super Jera, 1 Super Dagaz, and 1 Spec Rune.



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