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    Skill Training Crystals


    Skill Training Crystals


    History of the Skill Training Crystals
    They were invented long ago, in a collaboration of the two great Skill Masters.
    Verkan supported with his giant knowledge about the art of skill training, and Raymon used his magical abilities to create the crystals.
    These crystals were invented in a period characterized by a lot of nasty fights against the unknown darkness, so the purpose of the crystals were to make it faster and easier for the warriors and magicians to change build, so that they could protect the population.

    How does it work?
    Skill training is a slow process to reduce the delay on your Skills, it can be a very time consuming process to train all your Skills to 100%.
    To make the process shorter, you can make use of a Skill Traning Crystal.

    Skill Training Crystals instantly trains your Skill a certain amount, till they are trained 100%.
    Skill Training only applies to Skills from Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Skills from higher Tiers are already trained at 100% the moment you buy them.

    There are 3 types of Skill Training Crystals available, see the different properties of each of the crystals below:

      Name Increased Training
    4_itsc101.jpg Red Skill Crystal All Skills up 5%
    4_itsc102.jpg Cyan Skill Crystal All Skills up 10%
    4_itsc103.jpg Purple Skill Crystal All Skills 100% instantly

    If you should be that lucky and gain possession of such a crystal, it is really easy to use, just right click on the crystal and it will be activated.

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