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Happy Hours



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Every 3 hours, an Event is randomly picked and it runs for one hour. Events include Double EXP, Double Drop, Super Powers, Wanted Moriph, Double Mining, Double Monsters, Lucky Craft, and more! There will be an announcement in-game every time one of the Events starts!

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great event, x2 drop event while corona, every shit ss spawn is taken and u can stand there and watch how others hunt....

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@Support @Wartale @Senpai The Happy Hour Event Should have activated this hour. ITs 1am Server time and it hasnt went on. 


I think there was an error as i logged about 1145pm server time and Double Monsters was on, but this was obviously the wrong time. Please activate event correctly or amend event post timings ?

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On 5/4/2021 at 12:43 PM, ksinvernal said:

Wanted Moriph is , Aging event? =] I'm new here 

Wanted Moriph: drop random sheltoms 

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21 minutes ago, matheusmfp said:

What is the hammer event that is on now?


summons a monsters with a hammer, if the monsters hit you like 10 secons withou crying, he gives you a buff.

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admin can add link description for events . I don't know event with only name :D. Thanks!

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On 4/9/2020 at 5:04 AM, PuddiPuddo said:

2 for 1 beers?

That's the only happy hour I know.


i know that and 2x1 in shirts..

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