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  2. Sa mga mag oopen ng warehouse pages narito po ang sagot para di masayang ang gold na binayad nyo. Quiz#1 Q: In what map does the boss Vermun Actarum spawn? a. Battle field of the ancient b. Forbidden land c. Forgotten land Q: Who is the boss that spawns in Ancient prison 3F? a. Unholy Knight b. Bloody Rose c. Vega Demitri Q: Where is the gate of heaven locate? a. Road to the wind b. Forests of spirits c. Bamboo forest Q: How many other maps can you get to from Forgotten land? a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 Q: What monster spawns with the boss STYX archon? a. Shadow b. Succubus c. Stygian Q: In what town can you find the monster arena Bellatra? a. Navisko town b. Eura c. Ricarten town Q:Which monster does not have its own Monster crystal? a. Head cluster b. Averisk-S c. Web Q:What kind of weapon does Strider use? a. Club b. Axe c. Sword Q:Which of the following monsters does not twirl when attacking? a. Mutant plant b. Buma c. Decoy Q:What level must you at least be to enter Sanctuary of darkness? a. 70 b. 65 c. 60 Q: Which of the following monsters can only be found in Ruinen village? a. Cokris b. Plant lord c. Mephit Q: Which aging stone adds 30% to success? a. Elder stone b. Arcane stone c. Ripe stone Q: How may horns does a Hopy have? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 Q: In which of the following maps does Slaughter not spawn? a. Ancient prison 1F b. Ancient prison 2F c. Forbidden land Q: What is monster type of Dire bee? a. Normal b. Mutant c. Demon Q: What is the female counterpart of Hopy? a. Copy b. Cuepy c. Celly Q: Which of the following monsters is not 4-legged? a. Mutant rabie b. Beedog c. Mutant tree Q: What does a Buma use to attack? a. Magic b. A weapon c. His hands Q: What is the capital city of the Morion tribe? a. Pillai town b. Navisko town c. Ricarten town Q: What level must you at least be to enter Battlefield of the ancient? a. 45 b. 50 c. 55 Q: What map does not have a warp gate? a. Ruinen village b. Forest of spirits c. Land of dusk Q: Why do the NPC’s in Navisko town turn in to monsters at night? a. it’s a curse b. Because they were bitten c. No one knows Q: The entrance to Mushroom cave is in what map? a. Bamboo forest b. Road to the wind c. Acasia grove Q: What quest will you receive a Gold bag on? a. Food bandits b. The cave c. A bloody task Q: What’s the name of Ratoo’s boss? a. Rado b. Rasha c. Rash Q: In what map can you find a Beetle? a. Bamboo forest b. Acasia grove c. Road to the wind Q:What weapon does an illusion knight carry? a. Axe b. Scythe c. Sword Q:What curse can a Witch cast on you? a. Blindness b. Weakness c. Powerless Q:What level must you at least be to enter Sanctuary of darkness? a. 60 b. 65 c. 70 Q:Titan is to Bargon what Slaughter is to? a. Mummy b. Head cutter c. Skeleton knight Q:Which of the following monsters cannot be found in Forgotten Land? a.Crypt b.Skeleton Archer c.Cyclops Knight ___________________________________________________________________________________ QUIZ #2: Q:How many eyes does a Cold Eye have ? a.3 b.1 c.2 Q:How many heads are there on a Fire Worm ? a.2 b.3 c.1 Q:What monster type is Chimera? a.Mutant b.Cyborg c.Normal Q:What's the name of the Warehouse Keeper in Eura? a.Sith b.Noke c.Yura Q:Which monster has the least amount of legs? a.Cold Eye b.Devil Bird c.Frozen Mist Q:There are three statues in frozen sanctuary, what direction do none of them face? a.West b.North c.East Q:What kind of weapon does a reptile king carry ? a.Axe b.Hammer c.Sword Q:There are two Golems that spaw in Kelvezy Cave, one of them is Magma, what is the other ? a.Fire b.Hear c.Lava Q:What is the name of the NPC that sends you to Bless Castle from Bamboo Forest ? a.Barry, the Retired Miner b.Clever Demon c.Sailor Jack Q:What color eyes does Sazha have ? a.Blue b.Green c.Red Q:What boss rules the open ice maps? a. Ice Queen b. Valento c. Dark guardian Q:What's the name of the warehouse keeper in eura? a. Sith b. Noke c. Yura Q:Which sword doas a Knight Stone use? a. Inferno Sword b. Justice Sword c. Extreme Sword Q:Which monster does not have a cape? a. Cyclops Warrior b. Dark Phalanx c. Bloody Knight Q:Which of the follwing is a boss monster? a. Jinni b. Runic guardian c. Cyclops Warrior Q:The Guardian King of Bellatra statue faces to what direction? a. South b. East c. West Q:Which one of these monster explode? a. Boom Crasher b. Mystic c. Mine crasher Q:How many Collectors Wish quests are in Lost Island? a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 Q:Blizzard Giant can be found in... a. Frozen Kingdom b. Gallubia Valley c. Frozen Sanctuary Q:Mystery Desert 2 does not have any... a. Knight Stone b. Magician Stone c. Pikeman Stone Q:You have 3 gold bars, 4 silver bars and 2 bronze bars. How much money do you have? a. 2.500.000.000 gp b. 2.700.000.000 gp c. gp Q:Which monster is not made of ice? a. Ice Globin b. Frost Ancient c. Ice Golem Q:What map is west of Heart of Perum? a. Gallubia Valley b. Railway of Chaos c. Eura Village Q:What is the monster type of the boss in Railway of Chaos? a. Mutant b. Demon c. Mechanic Q:Which moster does not have wings? a. Metron b. Chimera c. Chaos Cara Q:What monster has the appearance of a siamese twin? a. Hulk b. Omicron c. Dawlin Q:The curse of a Incubus Summoner drains you of... a. SP b. HP c. MP Q:The Death Cave is the lair of what boss? a. Kelvezu b. Fury c. Eragon Q:How many hammers does a Mountain have? a. 3 b. 1 c. 2 Q:Where was the Lost Wanderer from Ruinen Village heading to? a. Navisko Town b. Phillai Town c. Ricarten Town ________________________________________________________________________________________ QUIZ #3 * Buma is to Lunatic what Ghost Ship is to... a) Hobo Golem b) Hest c) Berseker * Where is Hell's Gate located? a) Cursed Temple 2F b) Cursed Temple 3F c) Ricarten Town * Where are Mimic's eyes? a) In its mounth b) It has no eyes c) On its head * What town is nearest to the Mystery Forests? a) Battle Town b) Navisko Town c) Atlantis Town * To whom did the lone Prince sought out to bring suffering to his father? a) Midranda b) His brother c) The Ice Queen * What monster type is a Mechanician's specialty? a) Mutant b) Mechanic c) Undead * Where can you find the Blessed Altar? a) In the village of Eura b) Under the sea c) In front of Kelvezu Lair * Who is the boss of Mystery Desert 3? a) Gorgonyte b) Prince c) Sabulum * What monster type are the spirits of the Endless Tower? a) Mutant b) Undead c) Normal * What level must you atleast be to enter Endless Tower 2F? a) 110 b) 115 c) Only need to finish a quest * Where can you get a haircut? a) Ricarten town b) Navisko town c) Atlantis town * What monster type is a Knight's specialty? a) Demon b) Mutant c) Undead * What stage in Bellatra is the opposing stage of the Sun stage? a) Earth stage b) Moon stage c) Space stage * Where can you find Argos? a) Endless Tower 1F b) Endless Tower 2F c) Ancient Dungeon 1F * What arena does Battle Town harbor? a) Gladiator Arena b) Death Hall c) Battle Arena * What the name of the #7 boss in Bellatra? a) Gladiator b) Phantom Fury c) Ice Queen *Why are the hands of a Lunatic red? a) Eating meat b) Blood from killing c) Sun burn *Midranda is ... a) A God b) A tribe c) A place *Which one comes right after the Diamond Wing? a) Extreme Wing b) Chaos Wing c) Gold Wing *What does Goblin Shaman wear on his head? a) A skull b) A sock c) A bloody scarf *What tower must be destroyed to conquer Bless Castle? a) Valhalla Tower b) Castle Tower c) Crystal Tower * Who is the brother of Cursed Milter? a) Radil b) Odessess c) Mister * How many mounths does a Seto have? a) 5 b) 6 c) 4 * What's the name of the 8th boss in Bellatra? a) Phantom Fury b) Ice Queen c) Vybrissa * Where can you find Babel? a) At the Dark hole b) At the Fortress of Kings c) At the Dried River * What is the monster type of the Lost Temple boss? a) Mutant b) Demon c) Undead * If you consume 2 stamina per second running, how long can you run without potting if you start with 514 sp? a) 207 seconds b) 4 minutes c) 257 seconds *Casa controls which stage of Bellatra? a) Earth b) Fire c) Water *Casa, Ariel, Noas and.... Faery Sylpi Karina *What conquest takes place in Bless Castle each week? Siege war Blessed War Kingdom War ______________________________________________________________________________________________ QUIZ #4 * What boss is kept sealed under Ricarten Town? a) Tulla b) Eragon c) Kelvezu * Where used to be a lab? a) Battlefield of the Ancients b) Greedy Lake c) Ricarten Town * What NPC wants you to bring him the Shield of Fury? a) Stone Collector b) Item Collector c) Precious Metal Shop * What's the name of the sailor that brings you to Death Island? a) William b) Jack c) Dean * What is the smelting recipe for a Sacred Star? a) 2 Holy Star + 3 Sacred Leaf b) A recipe of disaster c) Fallen Star + 4 Sacred Leaf * Why does the lake guard in Ruinen Village need your help? a) His son is sick after going to Greedy Lake b) He wants to poison someone c) He needs a cure for his wife * Who is the boss of Forgotten Temple 2F? a) Zombie Beast b) Gladiator c) Hell Beast * What Monster Crystal comes after Dusky Crystal but before Inferna Crystal? a) Arctic Crystal b) Stygian Crystal c) Inferna Crystal * What is Wanted Moriph wanted for? a) Bad language b) Stealing sheltoms c) Breaking items * Who is the brother of Jack, the sailor? a) Jeff b) William c) Dean * Where is the Lake of Death located at? a) Cursed Land b) Railway of Chaos c) Greedy Lake *What ring does the Fallen Angel bear? A)Ring of Despair B)Demonic Ring C)Lucifer Ring *Where is Rosemary Garden located at? A)Gallubia Valley B)Road to the Wind C)Garden of Freedom *Where did Michelle, who lost his life to a Typhoon, come from? A)Navisko Town B)Eura C)Ricarten Town *Who is teh husband of Namy? A)Defrain B)Morald C)Moriph *Why doesn't the prison guard in Atlantis Town look for his keys by himself? A)he broke his glasses B)he is lazy C)he must protect the prison *Why did most inhabitants of Eura Village eWartalete? A)it got attacked by Midranda B)it got too cold C)it got attacked by Iron Fists *Which one does not belong in this list? Tarantulika Mystic Seal Crasher *How can you set free the spirits of the Endless Tower? With the Soul Sword With the Soul Orb With the Spirit Orb *What corrupted the mind of the Fallen Angel? A Demonic Artifact The Curse of Midranda The Demonic Crystal Potion *Where can you find Blacksmith Ad Atlantis Town Battle Town Mystery Desert 1 *What monster can turn into a hulk or a typhoon? Hunky Avelysk Monkey *What is the name of the boat at the ricarten docks? Midranda's Ark Flying Dutchman Neversink *What were barry and his mates mining for?" Diamonds Gold Frozen Magic *Where used to be a lab? Ricarten Town Battlefield of the Ancients Greedy Lake

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