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    Level 100 - Pirate's Revenge





    • 2.500.000.000 (2.5 bil) EXP

    Form a party and head to William, the Seadog located in Lost Island (100). The leader of a party may talk to William, the Seadog to receive the Pirate's Revenge party quest. 

    William, the Seadog will ask you to help collecting some gold, so he can get his mast repaired. 

    The leader of the party will receive a Pirate Chest where all the collected gold will be put in. The Pirate Chest must be placed on the ground before starting to collect gold. 

    When the Pirate Chest is placed on the ground a yellow circle will appear on the ground. All gold must be picked within of the radius of the circle otherwise the gold will not go into Pirate Chest. 




    To finish the quest, you and your party must collect 1.000.000 gold in Lost Island (100). The gold must be dropped by monsters. So you can't drop gold and pick it up. 

    You can keep track of how much gold your party has collected by hovering the quest icon on the top left of your screen. 




    Once your party has collected the 1.000.000 gold in the Pirate Chest, the Leader of the party may return to William, the Seadog to obtain your reward.

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