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    Level 60 - Tier 4 Rank-Up





    • 4 New Skills : Tier 4
    • Gold Carry Limit Raised to 250kk


    Go to Skill Master, Verkan if you are Tempskron, or to Witchcraft Academy, Raymon if you are Morion and click on the "Rank-Up" button.



    For this quest, you will have to hunt specific monsters, determined by your current level. If you do the quest at higher level, the monsters you will need to hunt will be harder to kill.


    2_t4count1.png 2_t4count2.png


    For the two first steps of this quest, a counter will appear on the top left of your screen.

    It displays the name of the monster you need to hunt, the ammount of monsters left to kill, and the counter around the "Q" will increase. You have 70 minutes for each step.

    After each step, go back to Skillmaster (before the 70 minutes end) to validate it and move to the next step.

    After you are done with the two first steps, the Skillmaster will ask you to hunt another monster. Be careful and look at the monster name that will appear on top, because the skillmaster will not say it twice !




    This monster will drop a Royal Amulet. You have to keep killing the required monster until you find one, it will appear in your Quest Inventory. (To access it, click on the 2_questinv.png on the bottom left). If you are lucky, you might get it from your first monster, but that doesn't happen every time.



    When you have the amulet, return to the Skillmaster with it. He will teleport you with him in a special arena, where you will have to fight him.

    Tip: Take some mana potions and a good Force Orb with you, it will help !




    After you defeated him, the quest will be completed. If you die, you will have to return to the Skillmaster, and go search the Royal Amulet again to be able to retry. 

    You can then talk to your SkillMaster and start learning new skills!

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