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    Level 128 - Undead Miner





    • (20 bil) EXP

    Form a party and head to Barry, the Retired Miner located in Gallubia Valley (90). The leader of a party may talk to Barry, the Retired Miner to receive the Undead Miner party quest. 

    To complete the quest, you and your party must kill 50 Undead Miners and 30 Undead Managers which spawn randomly throughout Ice Mine 1 (128) in less than 60 minutes. 




    You can keep track of how many of each you have killed and the time left using the counter quest icon on the top left of your screen. 




    Once your party have killed the required amount of Undead Miners and Undead Managers, you may return to Barry, the Retired Miner for your reward.

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