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    Level 40 - Tier 3 Rank-Up





    • 4 New Skills : Tier 3
    • Gold Carry Limit Raised to 100kk


    2_rankupbtn.gifGo to Skill Master, Verkan if you are Tempskron, or to Witchcraft Academy, Raymon if you are Morion, and click on the "Rank-Up" button.


    2_t3questinv.pngYou will then need to seek "Vamp Sheltoms" from MiniG Silver. You can find them in Navisko Town at night, or in Forgotten Land. These "vamp sheltoms" will appear in your Quest Inventory. (To access it, click on the 2_questinv.png on the bottom left). When you have them all, return to your Skillmaster.



    You will then receive a special weapon for your quest. The weapon will depend on your class. In this example with an archer, the item is a bow. Note: Make sure you have room in your inventory!



    The next step is to "mature" the weapon by killing monsters. The names of the required monsters will be written on the weapon itself, with a counter showing how many monsters left you have to kill. Note: You have to use this weapon, or the kills will not count. Kills by your crystals will count if you have the weapon equipped.

    This step will be repeated 3 times, with different monsters.
    The monsters you will need to kill can appear in Forgotten Land, Oasis, or Dungeon 1 (40).

    2_t3weap2.png 2_t3weap3.png 2_t3weap4.png 2_t3weap5.png

    After you are done, you can return to your Skillmaster. You can now learn 4 new skills. You can keep the quest weapon if you like: you can drop it anytime you want.

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